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    Oh, I gotcha. And wow, that's pretty cool you work for one of top insurance companies. What kind of insurance do they sell? Or it varies?
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    I see, sucks about the government issue. I thought it might be something like that. Interesting that croations seem to know so many languages, though. In America we generally are forced to learn a little about one other language (usually Spanish) in high school and that's about it, lol. "We're America, everyone should learn how to speak American good like we! I mean... English well like us."
    I forgot I'd mentioned The Mind Hero in my Abridged topic after Mangapanda died (although I put it in my name stuff long ago when I put up the Kickstarter went up and just kinda left it there lol). Well I've been putting off work on it because of being so busy having to do things that actually make money (since the Kickstarter didn't succeed), but now I'm in insurance sales and don't have to work nearly as many hours. In another week once things stabilize, I think I'll have plenty of free time to work on The Mind Hero on the side.
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    Was about time I added one of the smartest commenters on the forum as a friend! (Or would "one of the only smart commenters" be more apt?) I never really send friend requests though.
    I also know someone who lives in Croatia. She's awesome at art and speaks 4 languages. Apparently she has money troubles though, no idea if that's common there.
    If you ever have an Abridged request or something, let me know!
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    Right, I have been trying to be active like walking around outside, and playing with my neighbor's daughter (Who is 8) at the playground. Still need to do more work on being active, but at least I have been eating less, so I've losing weight as well. And I agree, any kind of exercise helps get rid of stress/worries/etc. By the way, what is the Allianz insurance?
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    Oh, cool! I never played rugby before. I do enjoy playing tennis and American soccer/European football. Though it's been quite some time since I played these two games. Though I have been enjoying mini-golf recently. Still need much practice with it though.
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    Don't worry, I have trouble with spending too much money too! I'm still working on forming a budget, and saving money. Doing better, than compared to the past though. Anyways, life for me is good. The past few weeks I was not feeling well. Was feeling weak for no reason, and later starting getting headaches because I was thinking too much. Which was abnormal for me because that never happened before. I did get some anxiety and headache medicine prescribed to me though! So, that is helping me quite a bit. Also, I think I was having those headaches because I've been changing how I think, AKA going from a negative mind, to a more positive one. Oh, and I have a new store manager who I used to work with in my previous job, so yeah o.o
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    What kind of game do you have to train for by the way? And congrats on the raise too! :3
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    Oh, nice! I only played a little of the first Dark Souls back when my ex-roommate had on his Xbox 360. I do now own Dark Souls for the PS3, but have started it yet. Right now, I've been focusing on for video games is Xenoblade Chronicles X, Crash Bandicoot, Persona 3 FES, and Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. And it's good to hear that you that a good vacation! :3
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    Hi there! How's life been treating you?
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