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    Ah, Chaka. Forgot about him. Indeed, Revy & Gin just absolutely tearing shit up in the Bowling Alley is one of the series's highlights.

    Also, this is one of my absolute favorite videos on Youtube. Always puts a big smile on my face.

    Personally, I think Revy is among the greatest of female manga/anime characters. Although Roberta isn't far behind. Hell, Everyone in the series isn't far behind.

    Damn, watching these videos is making me really fall in love with Black Lagoon all over again ~~
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    I don't really have a favorite male character, but I guess I would go with Chang if I had to pick. Him and Revy cleaning house back-to-back when those guerrillas attacked was pretty awesome.

    And my favorite arc by far was the Hansel & Gretel Arc. It was just beautifully written and absolutely tragic in its ending that it is the one arc that has stuck with me the longest since I finished reading the series. "Gretel" is my second favorite character after Revy, and Shenhua would place third.

    The single greatest Revy moment thus far is when she showed her jealous possessive side and confronted Jane about Rock. My eyes nearly bulged from my head and my jaw dropped when I read that!

    But nothing beats the classic Revy/Rock "Cigarette Kiss" moment.
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    Oops! Sorry if I misinterpreted what you were saying; thank you for the advice you give. :)

    And sorry if I'm short on words...
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    You, I like very much.

    I too am a Huge fan of Black Lagoon. The fact that the series is such a huge inversion of entrenched gender stereotype tropes and a departure from the generic male-to-female relationships with almost the entirety of the cast being well deserved action female badasses without any of that Mary Sue Moe crap....instantly places the series on a far higher pedestal than One Piece.

    (what Oda does with Nami & Robin nowadays is just soul-crushingly uugggggh)

    It's only shame is that Rei Hiroe is not as committed to the series as he used to be, and that new chapters are sooo incredibly slow to trickle in after he took such a long hiatus. Seriously, this new Red Wild Card Arc is so confusing to understand.

    It's great to find another huge Black Lagoon fan like me. ;)

    And although I'll argue that Shenhua is by far the sexiest, my absolute favorite character is of course Revy~~
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    You have a Revy Avatar.

    I must assimilate you into my friend group.
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    Ohh, you didn't. You were making a valid point and trying to help, after all. However I still feel the need to have somebody to look up to for advice and support, as there's still a lot I'm unsure of in this world. Thank you, though; I know you mean well. :)
  8. No worries, I love talking about this kind of stuff. Feel free to spam me as well :)

    I think that most scientists agree with you at this point about the approximate nature of our understanding. What is interesting is that uncertainty is built into the standard model of quantum mechanics from the beginning. But I agree that we can only continue to improve our models, the only perfect model of the way the universe works is the universe itself. Anything smaller/simpler will always be an approximation. The question is, just how good of an approximation is it?

    Newtonian mechanics are really all you need to build a sky scraper or cathedral, but if you want to split the atom then you have to revise your theory a little, heh.

    I will be back to you on your causality question. Have a good one!
  9. Sorry for the triple post, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't leading you astray:

    When you measure "something" in quantum mechanics, it means that you've put a particle into a known quantum state and have quantified just how much of that "something" it has in while in that state. For instance, the only way we can be sure that an electron decayed from one given orbital about a nucleus to another is by the photon that it releases, which will have a very specific, "quantized" energy. The quantization does not necessarily have to do with it being made of building blocks of individual somethings, but more to do with the physical nature of the system and what symmetries exist in that system.
  10. Also, quanta should not always be thought of as a "division limit", as you put it. I can get into this a little more later, if you are interested.

    Feel free to ask for clarification if I am being a little murky, here.
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