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    I have a slight problem as most the poke on the list you gave i have got some on one version and the other on the other version

    I caught the following (Do note some of them wont be in the nature you want unless you want me to catch them in the nature you want?)

    Vivillon - w/Friend Guard
    Girafarig - w/Sap Sipper
    Mankey - w/Defiant
    Tyrogue - w/Vital Spirit
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    Yeah sure i can get you the above 3, Kirlia Telepathy, Sprtizee Aroma Veil and i think Mankey Defiant
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    Tbh i aint got much to offer since i aint been playing the games as much as i had expected but i can get any of these if you want:

    Dragonair : Multiscale
    Sliggoo : Gooey
    Braxien : Magician

    Note i aint IV Bred or Trained anything yet
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    Hey there dude you know that list you have well i aint interested in getting any IV'ed pokemon off you but i am interested in the following pokemon if you have any spares of these:

    Slowpoke with Regenerator
    Togepi with SereneGrace or SuperLuck
    Gligar with Immunity
    Sableye with Prankster
    Chansey with Natural Cure
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    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding something, but was that long answer directed towards my post? a_a And if so, which of my 'mons would you be interested in?
  6. Bulbasaur : Calm : Chlorophyll (w/ Giga Drain, Power Whip, Leaf Storm, Charm, Amnesia, Curse)
    Eevee : Timid : Run Away
    Eevee : Modest : Run Away
    Eevee : Bold : Run Away
    Vulpix : Timid : Drought
    Vulpix : Modest : Drought
    Vulpix : Timid : Flash Fire
    Vulpix : Modest : Flash Fire
    Axew : Jolly : Mold Breaker
    Fletchling : Adamant : Gale Wings
  7. Gyarados : Jolly : Intimidate
    Gyarados : Adamant : Intimidate
    Marill : Adamant : Huge Power (w/ BellyJet, Perish Song)
    Chansey : Bold : Natural Cure (w/ CounterToss)
    Scyther : Adamant : Technician
    Bagon : Jolly : Sheer Force
    Bagon : Jolly : Roch Head
    Mandibuzz : Bold : Overcoat
    Gible : Jolly : Rough Skin (w/ Iron Head)
    Gastly : Timid : Levitate (w/ Disable)
    Rotom : Timid : Levitate
    Sableye : Bold : Prankster (w/ Recover)
    Deino : Timid : Levitate
    Skorupi : Jolly : Sniper
    Shinx : Adamant : Guts
    Electrike : Timid : Lightning Rod
    Joltik : Modest : Compound Eyes
    Joltik : Timid : Compound Eyes
  8. Gligar : Impish : Immunity
    Togepi : Modest : Serene Grace
    Larvesta : Timid : Flame Body
    Scraggy : Careful : Shed Skin
    Poochyena : Adamant : Quick Feet (w/ Play Rough, Poison Fang)
    Poochyena : Jolly : Intimidate (w/ Play Rough, Poison Fang)
    Larvitar : Jolly : Guts (w/ D.Dance, S.Rock, Pursuit)
    Larvitar : Timid : Guts (w/ D.Dance, S.Rock, Pursuit)
    Sandile : Jolly : Moxie
    Houndour : Timid : Flash Fire
    Slowpoke : Bold : Regenerator
    Slowpoke : Bold : Own Tempo
    Slowpoke : Bold : Oblivious
    Slowpoke : Calm : Regenerator
    Slowpoke : Calm : Own Tempo
    Slowpoke : Calm : Oblivious
    Kangaskhan : Jolly : Scrappy
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    I actually might take you up on that offer of yours regarding the team I asked about. I do have two 5x31 'mons (one being the timid starter frog) and also a sassy 4x31 Eevee with curse+wish and also that sword pokemon (adamant 4x31). Interested?
    I'd need an adamant multiscale Dragonite, a jolly scrappy Kangaskhan and an adamant huge power Azumarill with aqua jet (all of them 5x31; sp attack is of course irrelevant). I really don't think I have the patience to breed them all myself haha.
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    What happened? e_e
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