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    Yai thank you, Merry christmas ! And happy new chapter
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    Yohohoho! You might like to see the whole picture. From HFesbra on Deviantart.
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    I'll take DMX and B.I.G, do you have any good non-mainstream rapper that I can listen to? I'm listening to Childish Gambino, but he'll blow up pretty soon and will get shitty, so I'll be stepping down that horse for good
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    Yo Puto I need your help, can you give me at least 10 HipHop/Rap songs that are truly controversial. I'm in love with Ill mind 7 by Hospin, so I need more shit like this, If you know any let me know
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    Haha, thanks man.

    Yeah, I'm alright, just really pissed off about the vote lol.
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    The Groke is a really good character. I don't know about the Swedish voices, but at least the Finnish VAs managed to make it (not female, I think Jansson just referred to it with a feminine word because of some older convention) really really scary. The "I will return" moment is one of the most horrifying things I've ever heard on TV.

    And yeah, I like all of those arcs that you listed -- the Groke and the Lighthouse ones probably the most. The ghost ship is such a cool scene too. Their relief and Moominmamma's comments on it are so heartfelt and amusing.
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    The Moomin "anime" is the best animated series ever to have been aired anywhere, yes. It's just so kind and pure that you can't help but love it.
  9. Yeah, Bob's pretty sweet. Jammin' came out right around when I was born, and my family would change the words to "Benjammin", haha.
    If you like Reggae, you should check out Peter Tosh, too. He was one of the Wailers, and has a couple excellent tunes like "Wanted" and "Equal Rights". He played a big part in writing some of the classics with Bob like "Three Little Birds" and "No Woman No Cry", too, if I'm not mistaken.

    I will have to check out that Bob album on Spotify! Thanks for the recommendation. :)
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    Well problem is I don't like any alcohol I've ever tried, be it vodka, rum, or vine.

    As for my hobbies, well, I like old school games (NES, Genesis, TurboGrafx 16). Using the dark wizardry of emulation I managed to cheat and muscle my way through a good 1400 titles thus far, over the past 8 years or so.

    I also enjoy reading, my preffered genre being what H.P.Lovectaft called "weird fiction", prefferabely older, 1920's and earlier.

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