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    No problem, thanks for the mons.
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    Alright, I'll get on in a moment.
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    Sorry, I slept in today. I'm able to trade within the next hour or so (I'm not going to be on the 3DS during that period unless you tell me you are ready to trade).
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    Okay, just tell me when you're done.
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    Yeah sure. Are you on right now?
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    skiddo and noibat should suffice, no more mareeps though?
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    Alright, got your mons. All of them made it through. For compensation, what were those egg moves and stuff that you were talking about? I'm interested in your Skiddo and Mareep but those are second priority to any extra lucky eggs, macho braces, or tyranitarite you might have laying around.
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    no nickname and my name in game is Large Ham
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    Sorry for the wait, online now and I want a male phanpy, if possible, please.
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    Thanks again for the Chattot. I finally managed to get Master Rank on the Battle Institute because the A.I keeps understimating the threat of a Boom Burst powered by a Normal Gem. By the way, right now I got a 5 perfect IV female Gabite (Jolly) that I don't feel like using since I already EV trained a Garchomp that only lacks a perfect SPdef IV. Would you be interested in trading anything for it?
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