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    But if he has a devil fruit than he should be week in water and not be able to swim. He was seen being in water with only his head out. Certainly he didn't had devil fruit at that time.
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    Needless, Tower Of God, and Trace. Only ones I can remember now.
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    I understand what you mean. A machine able to adapt himself can sound interesting at first glance and many would like to say their invention are able to adapt to different situations without realizing that the less specific it becomes the more it has a chance to reason and question his nature of mere tool.

    But I hunk if the population does say no they would stop or it would considerably slow them making it unworthy of the investment needed.
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    Well Sinbad being a villain is one of the most popular theory. I wouldn't put Sinbad as a villain. I think it his good idea to remember what he did back in Balbaad. He let a bunch of citizens rob the riches if they promised to not hurt them because he saw a what state they were. He was honestly concerned about the future of Balbaad and negociate with Kou when he gained nothing from it. And seeing his followers I don't believe they would follow an ass.

    I think Sinbad is a man which along is way learned that you can't always get what you want by being honest and without some malice. To me he is a realistic good guy. I can see him end as an antagonist (and I will most likely root for him) but not a villain.
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    Well I actually think that the movies like "I, robot", "Terminator"... Were Robot devellop feelings and rebels against humans are creating a paranoia that will prevents humanity from going to far. No big companies want a machine with feelings. A machine which have feelings is a machine that can go wrong or refuse to work altogether. The problem is really scientist who wants to go even further without care about the consequence. Creating life or mimicking life most be one of the most amazing thing for them.
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    The problem with tecnollogy is as far you pushed it before ethics makes it problematic. But I like to believe tha thanks to the bunch of movie we have about robots or other tecnoligical invention developping feelings, the first group of scientist of scientist will be force to stop. Once robot gains feelings using them will be like slavery and we really don't want that.
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    No. But I read the synopnis. It sounds petty interesting but kinda disturbing. It gave me me the same feeling I get when watching the beauty and the beast.
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    Did you check it out?
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    If you like it than can you make a introduction thread and Mention that Phoenix invited you.
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    This is my second one. I'm mostly on a Forum called TMF. It's a One Piece/Toriko forum it has a lot of cool and funny members. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to join. I've noticed that you're really active so it would be great if you joined. You also are really knowledgeable on One Piece.

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