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    Lol your a dream interpreter or what? The funny thing is that I got a new job on Monday 1st, so it freaked me out when you said that stuff about job.
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    And thanks gonna watch it now.
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    Wait about what job? What you mean ?
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    Yeah have seen Basilisk but haven't finished it yet, will get back on it later... Seen black cat, Elfenlied and black lagoon and haven't seen Escaflone, what's it about? And I like action or any anime as long as it has less girlie stuff in it things like "love" pisses me off.
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    I already knew that people from the west have bad ideas about us, I knew that they were told lies about the situation in Palastien and other islamic countries.. but that was TOO much. way too much.. :/ and they buy the shit their media try to feed them way too easily.
    they almost made me believe that you were a bad person. sorry.
    uh, one last thing, we shouldn't really bring such subjects up again, even if the things we say are the truth. :/ they'll just keep believing the lies their media give them
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    Have seen it, was really good especially the ending mindfucked me... And this is bad, it will be hard for someone to recommend what I haven't seen yet.
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    Help me convert to Islam friend
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    And don't give me your Turkish sources, Turkey's press is garbage, what are the freedom of press laws like there again? What would happened if someone criticized Ataturk in a news article? No freedom of press = no sources worth a damn. I can make an article talking about how George Washington sucked his thumb and never actually fought a single battle, and I don't get thrown in jail or fined lol.
    Also how young are YOU, let alone my fiance, to say something like this "Turks dont rape in wars i am solid about that no matter what you say i am sure about that , i am a turk and i lived these lands in all my life and i can say turkish soldier dont rape i can assure you . " and not explode in a burst of impossible levels of denial. It's beyond naive.
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    Those people btw, the border guards? They were very nice to me and my fiance (who was nice back). They were old enough to probably remember 1974, just as my fiance's father was. But I sensed ZERO ill will, just sadness and frustration, and a genuine effort to reach out to us just a little bit, me with my American passport and her with her Greek Cypriot one.

    Those Turkish Cypriots there are nothing like you, and thank god for that. How about having your country take away it's soldiers, and shut the heck up and let the two Cypruses talk. The longer you are involved the longer the problem goes on. Do you hear Greece butting in and doing things like threatening North Cyprus for oil rights? Fuck your troops, get them outta there.
    The US has more bases than there are Turkish cities, and you better believe I think some of them should be closed. I can say that about MY country, why can't you.
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    But see that's not even the best part, the Greek Cypriots are religious people, but the Turkish Cypriots? They're more secular than either of you. Let me guess, you probably look at the cities in Turkey where women don't wear headscarves, and people follow light versions of Islam and look down on them. Well guess how the Turkish Cypriots are. I saw with my own eyes a Christmas decoration right in front of a mosque in Famagusta. And pllllenty of women without headscarves, including women who were selected to work the border crossing.
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