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    One step at a time, mate.
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    Sounds like Darth's speaking there ;)
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    I too, feel that Darth brings a lot to the table on this forum, believe me, I've fought for the guy.

    However, I think it became clear after his stint as Verus, when me and other members of the staff really tried to micromanage him and help him integrate more effectively on the forum, that it just isn't a good fit.

    When push comes to shove, we can't continue to invest time in a situation that clearly isn't working.

    Darth is a in my opinion, a good poster, but no one poster is bigger than Arlong Park itself.
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    I'm afraid we gave Darth a a pretty big second chance, and he decided that he couldn't handle the way he was being treated on the forum.

    As much as I can see Darth's good points, and tried my best to help him, he can't really be allowed back on the forum after his Verus sign-off message.

    I think it's best for everybody involved, to be honest.
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    Falls du meine Probleme mit Dressrosa lesen möchtest...

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    Aso... Ja mir gefällt Dressrosa einfach nicht... Aus verschiedenen Gründen.
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    Und ich weiß gerade nicht, was du meinst. Erleuchte mich =)
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    Well, Oda might not have lost his touch yet (I'll be able to really tell once I see the next arc or how he handles particular future situations) but the Oda of old I'm not seeing at the moment. I thought that he had returned at the beginning of PH but alas, I was wrong... only a glimpse of his skill it was.

    Netter Usertitel, den du da hast lol. Ist mir grad erst aufgefallen.
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    Dressrosa could've been great had the needed set-up and the actual execution been done differently. Looking at it now, there ultimately was no need for the Colosseum fighters. Nor was there any need to have Doffy have Ace's fruit and thus no need for Sabo and Koala either. The former's reveal in particular lost quite a bit (read: almost all of it) of its impact by happening at such a random time and place. And Koala, well, her being the nagging sidekick to Sabo's Superman ain't really helping her case, you know?

    Dressrosa's story too, that is, the reason behind Doffy's takeover, was hugely disappointing. At first I figured the people of Dressrosa really loved Doffy for being a king and that maybe he actually was a good king but a cruel and calculating bastard for the rest of the world. Would've created a nice contrast for his persona. But nope, instead it was due to a retard king being tricked like a braindamaged horse. And what followed afterwards is sad history...
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    And yet so many people fail to see that. Some hilarious answers I got to my post in the thread; blindly defending Oda's work without even bothering to think for a second just how good DD's arc could've been... A shame I tell you. A real shame.
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