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    I knew all along that I could never rely on you. But yet I still tried to fool myself. Never trust a bear.


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    Are you going to start ignoring me now that I'm a Senior Citizen? Or even send me to a retirement home where I can wallow and perish alone?
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    If you look through the past couple of pages on the thread, I made a comment about how it would be cool to see Jimbei helm the Noah out of Fishman Island. Sandman's comment is supposed to be right above that, but it vanished. Just like how Moria vanished in Marineford.

    Okay lol. I don't really see why you can't just delete some unless there is some essential sensitive information you need to keep track of. Which probably shouldn't be solely kept in private messages to begin with lol.
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    That's both a relief and disappointment to hear.
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    Ah, I see. My favorite JRPGs are, well, Mario RPGs lol. But it's good that you have a tolerating perspective to acknowledge the flaws of your favorite games. It's only such a shame that the story sounds pretty abysmal lol.

    And it's alright. I mainly play games for the gameplay and escapism immersion. Having a good story is mostly just a plus. And some stories are so bad that they're entertaining.
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    lol My bad.

    And I have not! But it definitely sounds interesting. I've played my fair share of JRPGs and am a devout video game fan in general. Although my favorite genre is platforms such as Super Mario, Ratchet & Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.

    Awesome. Where does it rank among your favorite RPGs?
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    We just need to collectively go to a timeline where we have a blackboard available for some reason, and need to map all these branching timelines out, haha.
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    Your picture...should I ask? Lol btw...I actually kinda like Darth. Don't always agree with him but I enjoy his posts.
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    Kurze Zusammenfassung... Aber absolut vertretbar
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