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    Miles was humming Sunflower by Post Malone. It's the same song he listens to through his headphones in his first scene.
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    I'm surprised it took me so long to read Man Kills myself. But yeah, it was good! I loved how realistic the threat was. A televangelist antagonist is really scary and grounded. This is the only time I find Willis Stryker to be interesting because every adaptation makes him a generic military/assassin mutant hunter guy. I also like how his backstory, instead of making him look sympathetic, only made him look more horrifying yet realistic/understandable. Along with how the story portrays Magneto in a positive way and showing Xavier's fragility.

    I still think LEGO Batman is the best Batman movie and only live-action Batman that I like because it pays homage the entire character's history while parodying/criticizing how pedestal Batman is romanticized in dumb toxic ways. And it is even the only film to include the idea of the Bat-Family and make their colorful positive presence the crux of LEGO Batman's character arc to be less of a conceited loner jerk and more selfless/appreciative.
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    And that is a very cool way to describe Green Arrow's niche in the DC Universe. It makes me excited.
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    I bookmarked pretty much everything praised and notable about Green Arrow. I'm starting off with the Green Lantern/Green Arrow collection and moving onto Wonder Year (the Green Arrow: Year One before Green Arrow: Year One), Longbow Hunters, Mike Grell's run, Kevin Smith's run, Year One, the New 52 (mainly for Lemire's run), and the recently finished Rebirth run.
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    Also, Nightcrawler can stick to walls. That... makes a lot of sense yet I don't think I ever knew that? Every iteration of him stresses the teleportation first and foremost while the wall crawling is sort of a thing that just happens and looks vaguely acrobatic. Meanwhile, Marvel has no problem listing Wolverine's three or more powers on a regular basis.
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    Did you know that Kitty Pryde was called Ariel as her hero name at one point? Apparently she was also called Sprite too. That's... weird. Shadowcat's the only one that worked. And even then, I like the idea that Kitty Pryde can stand out as a modern X-Men icon by using her real name instead of a codename, thus putting the pride in Pryde.
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    Incidentally, I think I want to get into reading Green Arrow comics? I think I'm starting to realize that I actually like Green Arrow a lot more than Batman as a character for various reasons, in the sense that he's pretty much how I wish a street-level Batman could be written if he wasn't held up to such a high pedestal.
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    I'm alright. Just relaxing from doing a lot of schoolwork nonstop this past week. I also just happened to start reading X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills for the first time even though I've been meaning to read it for years.

    How are you doing?
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    I have the exact same opinion on Wreck-It Ralph, where it's actually good in the last third. And I heard from the director that they went with this character arc for Ralph because they realized that the ending of the first film where Ralph says he's okay as long as he feels valued by Vanellope is technically an unhealthy moral in the long-term. Which I think it clever and responsible on their part.

    And those movies not being translated is stupid. I haven't seen Crouching Tiger or Kung Fu Hustle. But I've been taking an Asian Films class and I so far I have gotten to watch and Hard Boiled, Ikiru, Big Boss, Farewell My Concubine, and The Host.
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    I think the only advantageous aspects that Young Justice objectively has over Teen Titans are better action choreography and less censorship. But Teen Titans already has pretty damn good action choreography by the end of season one and has a MUCH more creative stylish aesthetic direction when it comes to lighting, camera shots, and off-model animation.

    And I actually think Teen Titans' censorship actually helped it since it's because of that we get Slade instead of "Deathstroke the Terminator" and weapons/powers that are conceptualized outside of the box compared to repetitive lasers/explosions/blades.

    I don't think Slade literally telling Robin that he will destroy his friends and make him watch in the season one finale would be written any better if "destroy" was replaced with "kill" lol.
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