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    Oh, that scene. Yeah, that was really random as a segue lol. I'm glad that the ex already knows too instead of focusing on him trying to keep a secret.

    The familial aspect has a lot of potential too.

    Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that too! How it seems to deviate from the traditional freak of the week formula. Which I definitely do not mind at all. Hopefully it can work better as a serialized introspective story.

    Luke Cage with Jessica Jones writing is great in my book.

    The fight scenes seemed pretty cheap, but I can deal with them. The way he held that goon reminded me of Static's electromagnetism. The electric punches remind me of playing Infamous 1 on PS3 lol. I can't complain too much though, it's serviceable. Even though him not covering up his head is nonsensical. Music's alright. I liked some of it, didn't care for others.

    I just hope they're willing to build up antagonists like Slade in Arrow and not rush straight into super villains/allies yet.
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    I like where the story is going with the main character's internal conflict of wanting to save kids and his family the normal way while being forced to become a superhero yet, the Luke Cage-esque atmosphere and his treaty relationship with a gangster that graduated from his high school. The last part is REALLY interesting, I like the possibilities of where a superhero principal can go. My only worry is about his relationship with his ex-wife being driven into the dirt like with Smallville and the daughters becoming annoyingly dumb, although I get where the older one is coming from and I like how they kick ass when they have to. I'm also worried that Allah might be the more interesting antagonist while Tobias Whale as the big cheese is a drag. Like how Cottonmouth got swapped with Diamondback.
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    ...I liked it better than I thought I would after seeing how cheap the costume was in the trailers. I'm curious as to what scene you think is cheesy though. Is it when Tobias Whale drops the guy in the piranha tank for a cliche villain intro? Is it when old James Gordon is rambling about how much Black Lightning saves and inspires people like a broken trope record? Is it when Black Lightning drops the cousin who owes money on his car to be snarky?
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    Not yet. I plan to watch it tomorrow night. I hope it's decent. A superhero parent AND principal sounds really interesting compared to the usual mold.
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    Yes, I have. And I know where the analogy to the Equalists and Benders comes from.
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    That would be awesome. The only axe wielders I can remember in One Piece are either Dorry or Brogy, and X Drake. X Drake using an axe and sword is weird, but kind of cool. Oda also used to draw concept art of Nami wielding an axe.

    If I had to create my own fictional axe weapon, I'd probably try combining a labrys/double-sided axe with an hourglass. Have it be used to either manipulate sand or time. Prince of Persia or Zelda style, I guess.
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    You know what I haven't seen before. A character who has a double-sided axe that can split into two single-sided axes. Why hasn't anybody done that yet?
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    I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year as well. Thank you.

    Thor might be getting an axe in Ragnarok because LEGO toy leaks.
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    Damn, such a shame. I've been replaying a PlayStation 2 classic recently for nostalgia.
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    Do you play video games?
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