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    I don't think I've ever watched a Nicolas Cage movie in full. Don't know whether that is a good or bad thing.

    The brain transfer was ridiculous, but the suspenseful weirdness build up made it work. And I think it's metaphorical for black people having to be brainwashed into acting white in order to get accepted in high standing, which is mostly dominated by white people. And yeah, the police arriving is a good twist. Even works if you don't know much about police brutality since the protagonist just almost killed someone (but there's a racist cop encounter earlier in the movie anyways).
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    Get Out is a cool film. Didn't use jump scares aside fron a couple mild ones, had good built-up suspense, memorable ominous scenes like the hypnotization, the literal and metaphorical casual racism was a clever theme, nice acting with bits of humor, and the action near the end was very cathartic.
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    Have not heard of it.
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    That video captures the idea tone I would like for Bullseye. I feel like he should be a little more humorous than the average villain. He's basically Daredevil's Joker with an assassin focus.
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    Black Lightning was decent. Had a bunch of flaws and could heavily improve, but it's decent. It's been a long while since I watched it so I can't pick at big things. Although Tobias' backstory was underwhelming and he's kind of just a douche, but the series tries to make him look like he's more than that. I wish they would pick a side and roll with it.

    Also, this is probably just me. But since Painkiller has those cool needle gauntlets on his arms, I would prefer his fighting style be kicking instead of punching.
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    I want a scene where Bullseye pretends he's about to shoot someone, but then he throws the whole gun at their head lol.
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    They've given me a decent vibe so far. They remind me of season one Daredevil, which is the prime Netflix series. But the only one I don't like is Bullseye's trailer. They're strongly hinting that he has a tragic backstory. And while I normally like those, I feel like he's the last one who needs that. In the comics and even Daredevil movie, he's always just a screwed up sociopath that doesn't mind killing people and gets obsessed with overcoming Daredevil and making him suffer after losing against him. I don't care too much for the latter part since the obsession is pretty pathetic, but I still think a backstory is unnecessary (it's even kept multiple choice like Joker in the comics). Also, I hope he doesn't use guns too much in this season. Throwing and ricocheting any object as a weapon is what makes him fun and distinguished from Punisher. Knives, playing cards, batons, toothpicks, paper clips, Bullseye's fighting style is really fun.
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    It's not that they are by the same writer. More that both stories feature Karen Paige as a major character and both stories are most likely being used as inspiration for Daredevil season 3. So if you want to avoid as many spoilers as possible, do not read them yet.

    I don't think I would mind commentaries for movies I've already seen before or movies that are obviously awful. For a movie I am interested in seeing for quality, talking gets in the way for me.

    Whether Parker deserves it or not, he better throw that Iron Spider suit in the trash in a No More homage by the end of Avengers 4. I don't need anymore Iron Man tech in Spider-Man movies.

    No. And Doctor Who just does not interest me as a series. It looks like a series that only runs around in circles to me. And too episodic for my taste. I'm also not into generic space/time-travel sci-fi shows. But that depends a lot on presentation.
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    Only read Daredevil: Guardian Angel if you read Born Again first.
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    No, but I have wanted to.
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