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    I already did. I read Green Arrow Year One, Wonder Year, Longbow Hunters, the first 21 issues of the 2000s run which include the Kevin Smith stories and Oliver's scavenger hunt with Roy, and the New 52 Jeff Lemire run. I read a bit of the Mike Grell run but skipped it because it felt like it would endlessly indulge itself with nonstop gritty stories with cliche shock value. Especially couple issues deal with a rapist.
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    No. I haven't watched any of the CW shows for years now. Is it good?
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    I really REALLY want to read Powers of X/House of X and know a bunch of big things about it, but I feel like I'll be annoyed with the reading order. And I don't even know which X-Men series to try out afterwards since there's at least five lol. I might buy the hardcover collection coming out in December if it has the correct reading order.

    Sorry for all of the messages by the way. As you know, I have a lot to say and let my creative passion get ahead of me.

    Additionally, here are the covers for the Spider-Man What Ifs I mentioned:
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    But my favorite What if story of all time is What If? #19 where Spider-Man stops the burglar before he murders Uncle Ben and becomes a selfish movie star celebrity and PR rep for the entire New York superhero community and antagonizes Jameson with extortion and a goon hit squad. I really recommend it, it's freaking wild and hilarious.

    My other top favorite has to be What If Flash Thompson became Spider-Man (2018), which is a lot better than older version. It has Flash accidentally murder Peter Parker and famously lift the rubble to save Aunt May, but lets himself get arrested because he realizes he's an irresponsible person.

    An Elseworlds story I am excited to read about is Speeding Bullets, where Clark got found by the Waynes and becomes Batman. Also interested in Red Son. And I already own Kingdom Come but want to read more Superman stories before I try that.
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    My favorite What If stories are typically Spider-Man ones. I like What If? vol 1 issue 7 which deals with if the radioactive spider bit other people. It features three stories about if it bit Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, and John Jameson, and they all stumble in one way or another while all of them end with Peter Parker dissecting the dead radioactive spider and creating a concoction that makes him become Spider-Man.

    It's a very interesting antithesis to Spider-Verse because while that movie's main moral embraces how anyone can be Spider-Man because of how relatable he is, this What If issue from decades ago asserts that only Peter Parker has the essential qualities to be an effective Spider-Man. I appreciate both of their takes.
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    I'd also fuse the League of Assassins and Court of Owls because the former has interesting characters in charge but bland underlings and is too foreign to Gotham for my taste, while the latter has a stylish animal motif and interesting lore by being a Gotham secret society of rich people but no interesting standout members. Make Ra's al Ghul in charge of the Court of Owls, basically. His hair already vaguely looks like an owl anyways.
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    I'm even open to a new take on Penguin where he isn't a crime boss (Gotham already has others like the Falcones and Black Mask) and he instead owns a company like Wayne Enterprises that's legal but commits ethical crimes like gentrification. Maybe takes over Wayne Enterprises or merges his company with Wayne's. Perhaps have Penguin be the boss who messed with Mr. Freeze's life and they have a rivalry.

    Penguin can represent how Gotham isn't only plagued by loonies and gangsters but also classism corrupt government/elite. Have Penguin's character arc and possible redemption arc be about a cynical Bruce Wayne who never left Gotham City and represents whether or not Gotham can be saved (Two-Face can also serve this role).

    You could also do a Court of Owls story that ties the Waynes and Cobblepot family legacies. Have Penguin be an off/on again ally of the Bat Family/Birds of Prey to make use of Penguin's bird motif and how unlike the other bats/birds he struggles with flying for justice.
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    Red Hood deserves Penguin and Mxy would go great with Jon, especially while Jon is still a kid/teenager and gets to grow up with him like an imaginary friend. Embrace how the Superman legacy follows Jon wherever he goes in both good and bad ways, and he makes the best of it.

    Speaking of Penguin, I really want a good Penguin story or Batman movie. I think he is probably the most underutilized Batman villain and occupies a unique niche of being a parallel to Bruce Wayne instead of Batman (only other characters that can do that are Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen). He was also kind of Hush before Hush by being Bruce's childhood friend until the Cobblepots fell and he resented the Wayne family. I think that Penguin would make for a very interesting morally grey character if written well enough.
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    I think it would also be neat if one of the Kryptonian characters retired and was shown to live a peaceful normal life in Smallville or something. Because it could be a testament to Clark's struggle of living as an alien/god among men and would answer the questions of what would happen if he decided to focus on being Clark Kent and can Superman really mix with human society. How it either would've been okay for Clark to be happy and leave the superhero work to other people he can trust or that Superman has made such an impact on the world that nobody else needs to bear the burden of being forced to be Earth's sole champion like he did.
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    Also, I like your Superman story ending pitch. It's cute, heartwarming, and a testament to Superman believing in optimism and redemption. Only slight thing I'm open to changing is Jon taking the mantle of Superman. I think what would be cooler is you go for something like what My Hero Academia is doing by training the next generation of heroes to replace All-Might and do that for Superman.

    Don't just show Jon as the Superman, show a whole freaking legion of Supermen taking up Superman's example. Supergirl, Superboy, Steel, Nightwing (since Dick was inspired for the name by Superman's advice about the Kryptonian legend of Nightwing), Lobo and/or his daughter, maybe Lex Luthor if gets his own Supes suit like in Justice League (but I think it would be better for him to use his business influence to help the world instead of being another crimefighter).
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