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    I always love me some good Lex Luthor writing, so I will consider.

    Vandal Savage sucks? I had a feeling he would just because lol. I can focus on the individual arcs. I don't like the recent news I heard about Wentworth Miller leaving the CW shows though. I haven't watched seasons 2 and 3 of the Flash, but I know that the Rogues have never fully been on-screen together even once. By that, I mean Captain Cold, Heatwave, Mirror Master, Trickster, and maybe the Top and Golden Glider.
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    Eustace has a few touching moments, but he is a total dick. A hilarious dick, but still a dick. I liked that episode she the hunchback guy who likes bells scared Eustace to help Courage.

    I loved Jimmy Neutron, classic Fairly Odd Parents, classic Spongebob, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Rugrats, and of course Avatar. I watched some of Hey Arnold and Rocko's Modern Life too, but I barely remember any moments from that show at all. I never liked Ren and Stimpy though. The gross out random humor really wasn't my thing.

    I watched some of iCarly too, although I didn't like it as much. I LOVED watching George Lopez though. I can't believe I know somebody else who watched that too. It was funny as hell.
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    And adapting your murder method into a random movie you made that gets played in your party hall is just stupid and way too plot convenient lol.
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    About Justice League:

    That moment when Supes noticed high-speed Flash was great lol.

    Who was your favorite character in Justice League? I ignored the plot too since DC they barely tried with it. I liked seeing that Green Lantern though. And part of me wants to think the lightning guy was some previous Shazam or Black Adam. I hope it's not Zeus, that would be boring.

    And how about Luthor wanting to start his own villain alliance? Also, which name do you want to bet on it being? The Legion of Doom or the Injustice League? Both of them sound way too cheesy for the DCEU to ever say but I still want to know lol.
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    But the plot was predictable as hell. I called the sleazy trickster guy being the real great great grandpa over ten seconds after he first showed up on screen. And I never really liked the "my inspirational icon turns out to be a MURDERER" twist. Mainly because there's no real emotional connection between the characters for drama besides naive fanboyism, and the twist always feels out of left field as an obnoxious monkey's paw. It doesn't even really show why leaving your family to become an artist is risky. Learning your hero is a fraud is something that I think can only work in the first act of a movie, not as the big second act climax game changer. They did the same thing in Up, but I liked it better there only because crazy old pilot obsessed with hunting prehistoric bird was more quirky and intimidating. I don't think this movie really needed a villain.

    Also, I came up with my own movie idea for what I sort of wish Coco was. I might even decide to write it lol.
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    I saw Coco a few hours ago too.
    The visuals were nice. Mainly on the characters and the funny gags they did with the bones. I wasn't particularly wowed on the setting of the undead since it looked like a standard Mexican town/party/stadium. Story-wise, it was decent. I do like the heart they put in with the music, the Spanish humor, and that kid has some great singing chops I didn't expect lol. I think the best character is the great great grandma skeleton though. I can attest as a Hispanic person that, yes, Hispanic women can get that bossy, feisty, and unforgiving lol. And I like that she got brought up to sing during the final showdown, it gave her a nice unexpected spotlight.
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    I have. I did so a couple years back with some cartoons form my childhood like Codename: Kids Next Door, Billy & Mandy, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. I haven't rewatched my favorite Nick cartoons yet though. I think the only live-action show I was into as a kid was Drake and Josh lol.

    I have never actually seen Smallville. I don't know when I will ever get in the mood to watch it. I feel like it might be good in certain areas, like with Lex Luthor. But then I look at their iteration of Slade Wilson and just go ew.

    I know about Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD. I read Robbie Reyes' comic, it was pretty good and I really like the character. The show doesn't feel like my thing though. I still prefer to watch superheroes.

    I can watch Legends eventually. I like the Rogues and Dr. Stein, at least. I can give Supergirl a try too.
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    Shazam is a good idea.

    All I got about what Billy is about is that he's a douchebag with a bad upbringing that slightly cares about his veteran buddies. I still don't get why he teamed up with Agent Orange. Maybe if they elaborated on that, like needing Orange to create Anvil so that his military skills could still be relevant during "peacetime", then that could work. A flashback isn't even necessary, present time talk like you said could have worked. Like showing up to one of Curtis meetings to explain why he made Anvil and why he started it up after leaving Operation Cerberus. Or showing how the flashback war combat affected Billy besides making him want to leave at the end. But yes, David needed an extended flashback.

    Punisher ended his revenge quest and seemed content with living on the down low instead of wanting to kill, so I get what you mean about the ending. Star Wars 7 rubs me the wrong way too in several ways that make the original trilogy redundant.
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    By the way, I didn't really like Flash in Justice League. He was literally just comic relief all of the time, and a lot of it felt meh at that. There were a couple legitimately funny/clever moments, but it felt like the movie couldn't ever take him seriously as a hero in a scene that wasn't him visiting his father.

    ...I still feel like Punisher's costume would look better if he wore a trench coat. Sorry lol. It's definitely not bad, it just... looks a bit too cheap. I absolutely love how he spray paints a skull on a bulletproof vest. But I don't like the long sleeves. And the pants could use a bit of work.
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    I wouldn't mind if Kingpin and Jigsaw teamed up for Defenders season two. Maybe with Nuke too since he got hired by Kingpin once in the comics to wreck Hell's Kitchen and got in a fight with Daredevil.
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