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    Spider-Ham is the only Spidey that works for the Daily Bugle, so I think that having photographer and journalism gags/goals for him would give him a lot more personality and versatile humor.
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    I recommend rewatching the old Spider-Man movies sometime. And I also loved Miles getting his comic book on top of the pile. Such a great visual metaphor. And Miles getting encouragement from both his uncle and father does stand out and reminds me a bit of Aunt May forgiving and supporting Peter in Spider-Man 2.

    Spider-Verse is the "objectively" the best Spidey movie and the only critique I have is I don't care much for Kingpin's goal and the final fight feels very predictable and not that memorable, although I like the moment where Kingpin sees his family's inter-dimensional counterparts and tragically repeats his tragic backstory.

    And I feel like Spider-Ham could have used more humor that wasn't just "I'm a cartoon/talking pig!" because that got old. Noir was a lot funnier because his humor was more clever.
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    I'm starting to watch Doom Patrol now. Almost done with the first episode and I really dig the eclectic vibe this show has going for it between its irreverent humor, how melancholy and morbidly tragic it is, its focus on trauma recovery, and how authentic yet appealing the costumes and powers are. Sometimes I think the writing could be a little less crude (but that's just me being a bit of a prude with toilet and over-the-top sex humor), but the writing appeals to me otherwise. It's really cool to see a superhero show written with a creative balance between seriousness and dark/lighthearted comedy without going too deep into either one in a shallow formulaic way like most modern superhero movies.
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    And that Teen Titans GO Parody sequence with the Doom Patrol death song was beautiful. Speaking of that, it's weird how Cyborg's original voice actor voices several characters in this show except for, well, Cyborg lol.
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    But the second half of season 3 actually had a bunch of cool things about it. Beast Boy is the MVP and it's really cool to see him get a teen leader role instead of being incompetent comedic relief like in Teen Titans. I liked metahuman publicity goals for the Outsiders. I liked Forager's character arc and I especially like the focus on Superboy at the end of the season. It's pretty cool that the show didn't completely forget about the Genomorphs being hidden and segregated. I'm always game for Batman being called out for his pretentiousness, and Black Lightning of all people finding out and becoming Justice League leader is neat. Cyborg and Halo being living boxes has potential. And I appreciate both where Geo Force's character arc and how they subverted the Terra betrayal arc everyone is already used to. Although she barely has any character for most of the show.
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    First half of season 3 drags a lot with Geo Force being annoyingly impatient and the Markovian family drama being uninteresting. Forager's okay, Halo's a little cute but totally broken and mostly random powerset-wise. I also had to get used to the inferior animation quality and DC movie redesigns. Seriously, there was no reason to change Flash's design at all.
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    The aliens in season 2 were boring villains, although I liked Black Beetle. Green Beetle was a cool new idea but underutilized and scrapped too soon. I sort of liked Blue Beetle and Impulse. Arsenal was insane but amusing. But that penultimate episode twist was total BS.
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    I finally rewatched all of Young Justice and got through Young Justice season 3. I was never a fan of the first timeskip for skipping over Superboy bonding with Superman, Robin becoming Nightwing, Aqualad supposedly turning to the dark side, etc. But I didn't mind the second timeskip as it felt much more organic. However, I'm still not that into ditching the core focus of the original members to focus on a whole legion of heroes. As great as most of Justice League Unlimited was, I had a similar issue with how it replaced the original Justice League series. But at least that got two whole seasons and a proper finale.
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    I left a long post in the Marvel movies thread detailing my thoughts on how earlier Spider-Man films hold up or not and how I feel about MCU Spider-Man. The only film I didn't talk about in-depth in Amazing Spider-Man 2, which I think has very flawed second and third acts overall but has a lot of scenes, characterization, and action in isolation and has my favorite first act out of any Spider-Man film.
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    I miss those conversations too.

    And my vacation is going well. Been seeing a psychologist recently, made my first short comic book a month ago, and I just got my best friend/artist to fly over to my house from states away to hang out for the first time in-person for a week.
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