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    Thanks for accepting my friend request! You seem like a nice person!

    Anyways, what's been happening in life?
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    I completely agree about Spider-Man: Life Story and Better Call Saul. Haven't checked out BCS season 5 yet though.
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    I can tell you an in-depth summary about my comic book idea with art in a PM if you want.
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    Before the quarantine, I was planning to start attending group therapy to meet other introverted and/or autistic young adults around my age. I've even been getting heavily into online dating sites for the past several months, although I haven't unfortunately haven't gone on a single date yet. But that got cancelled and I'm stuck at home all the time now. All my college classes switched to virtual livestreams on Google Meet.

    I'm used to staying inside to focus on entertainment media, but I've been spending the past year or so trying to grow into a more multifaceted, independent person instead of just a lonely geek. So I'm a bit frustrated because I feel like I'm being forced to stay complacent within my comfort zone. It's as if I never grew at all and all that stress and effort improving myself was pointless. But I'm sure it'll pay off eventually.
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    Oh, you thought of me a little while the forum was down? I appreciate that! I'm glad that you seem to be okay, or at least I assume so.

    My relatives are all okay but my doctor got the coronavirus so it's that scarily prevalent. I'm worried about how this is affecting people's mental health though, especially in the long term. My dad is the nervous superstitious type and he cried in front of me, which rarely ever happens, because of how much he's been struggling with anxiety and other personal issues. I'm desensitized to a lot of this because of my general composed personality, depression symptoms, and avoiding the news most of the time. But I'm still concerned nonetheless.
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    I've been alright. Dealing with my last semester of college, although all my classes are done through digital livestreaming now. I've also been preparing to start up my first independent ongoing comic later this year.

    Besides that, I read Superman vs. Muhammad Ali a couple weeks ago. I knew it was going to be super goofy, but I actually unironically liked it! Ali has a fun overconfident, wise, and snarky personality. And I think their fight actually represents both Ali and Superman's credentials well rather than having Ali win for the sake of winning. There's even a part where Superman builds his own Hyperbolic Tim Chamber boxing ring so he and Ali can train for months in the real-life span of a few hours before intergalactic boxing fight.
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    And if you don't mind me asking, how have you been?
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    I recently binged Better Call Saul season 4. Starts off really slow and meh, but gets much better around the halfway point. It felt like this season was a character study not concerned with a big plot and mainly set up stuff for season 5.

    My thoughts on Better Call Saul overall are mixed. I think the best moments, cast, and humor in Better Call Saul easily surpass Breaking Bad. But I think Breaking Bad has a much more consistent quality than Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad definitely has plenty of flaws and boring bits, sure, but it has a clearer idea on what it wants to be throughout. Whereas with Better Call Saul, it keeps trying to be two or even three entirely different shows at once between the Jimmy, Mike, and Nacho plotlines. Jimmy's side of things is great, Nacho's side is kind of interesting, but Mike's is almost always a waste of time for me. Bojack Horseman had the same issue for me between its compelling drama and its random b-plot hijinks.
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    I'm fine with Star Trek episode recommendations.

    I have read Spider-Man: Life Story. It had neat ideas but I think it was also rushed in certain parts. Still an enjoyable read.

    I have not read Zdarsky's Daredevil. I did read the Spectacular Spider-Man issue where Peter revealed his identity to Jonah. I liked that a lot.

    I haven't been following One Piece for at least over a year. I'm not into Wano Country at all lol. And I've been trying to spend more time on trying out other stuff in my life.

    And I'm glad you are enjoying Bakuman!
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    What is Medical Police?
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