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  1. Hey Leon, read your post in the politics thread asking if there were any Republicans on this otherwise left-leaning board. I’m one such poster, and I used to post frequently in the politics thread until I was banned about 14-15 months ago. Conservative perspectives and opinions generally aren’t very appreciated here, and any attempt to defend your position is usually met with name-calling, being called divisive/racist/bigoted and eventually thread bans. It’s near impossible to have a productive discussion, unfortunately.

    But yeah, we exist, it’s just we’re not allowed to have voices when it comes to politics. If you have any questions about where I stand on <insert issue> feel free to PM or VM me.
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    Hi Leon,

    I've been pretty busy lately and tbh the which team do you support thread had totally gone out of my mind haha, thanks for bringing it back to my attention!
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    I hope the net neutrality gets into place back again very soon. Tough times
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    Is your computer like an Alienware or something? Almost all desktop i7s are much higher than 3GHz by default and most can overclock to upwards of 4.5GHz pretty easily. I would probably wait to see how the game performance/benchmarks so you don't upgrade for nothing. Clockspeed isn't the be all end all of CPU power but less than 3GHz seems pretty low for a modern system. Stuff like Alienware I've noticed has pretty low clockspeeds, mostly to keep heat down I'd imagine. Still, that does kind of gimp your CPU.
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    My only wish is that Modi keeps a tight rein on RSS and other extremists within its boundaries. The more freedom they get, the more they would try to enforce their partially fascist view across the country. Nathuram Godse's final speech on why he killed Gandhi pretty much explains the practical ideology behind RSS's religion oriented nationalistic ideals
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    This happens in all the countries, unfortunately. Nobody wants to do something good for the country without alienating support from the party. The people have chosen BJP because it seemed to be of a lesser evil as compared to the others. We desperately wanted exponential growth in the urban areas and save the worsening economy and modi might be the only comparatively better choice amongst the three. IMO he was the only hope compared to the others. Of course, this comes with the side effects of the hindutva enforcing their "rules" on us but it might just be better than Congress' dipping the economy and AAP worsening the deficit. The good part about this is, everybody is aware of the shitstorm caused by these decisions unlike decades back so next elections will be solely dependent on how good BJP proves its worth. I personally feel Arun Jaitely is more important to BJP's next hopes than Modi himself.
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    Section 66(A) has been obliterated. Good day for the country!
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    Oh yes. Even the TOI news article comment sections are usually reeking with anti-muslim slogans and other garbage. I hope they do have some sort of a moderation behind the comments as these can soon become recruiting zones for charismatic psychopaths
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    Lol yeah I just posted about that in the random news article discussion. The sad part is, there hasn't been any conclusive objection against the decision from higher ups. Either they are comfortably ignoring these for political reasons or BJP is just being BJP which I certainly hope not
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    The official ruling from the President extending the ban to buffaloes have been confirmed. The implementation would take a week or two to do it but the law is confirmed. Some groups have already started confronting butcher houses to stop the beef production immediately. I don't even get the point of giving an attempt to ban the video. Haven't they heard of torrents already.
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