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    I understand what you mean about Dragon Ball Super. It has a couple interesting concepts here and there, along with some nice funny fillers, but the best way to sum it all up is... more Dragon Ball. And not really in a good way like you would hope lol.
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    Just be patient with Berserk since it takes time to build things up.

    I have watched Hunter x Hunter. The latter has much more unconventional shonen storytelling and psychological conflict emphasis, and the power system is much more defined/interesting. But Yu Yu Hakusho, at least for me, has more memorable characters in terms of personality and internal conflicts. The plot is standard shonen, and has the longest tournament arc ever lol. But the characterization, character development, animation choreography (it still holds up well), and music are all good if not great. It deserves a shot.

    Zatch Bell (Gash Bell in Japanese) is basically about demon children called Mamodos being sent into the human world to compete to become the king. Each one has spell book of a specific set of superpowers that can only be read and activated by a specific human. The last remaining Mamodo with their book intact wins. Zatch has electric powers. The series has a lot of emotions, humor, and action.
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    Oh, um... I didn't notice that you replied to my visitor messages a month ago lol. I don't get notified about them if you post them on your profile page. You have to click on "View Conversation" and post in that chain in order for me to stay aware of when you reply.
  4. And yeah, I've noticed that the most active threads in the Other Manga section are the Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Super ones. I can get the whole nostalgia thing and loving to watch it like you say, with my brain turned off. But even so, I'd rather leave it in the rose tinted foggy past of my childhood and not accept the new Super stuff as canon. Honestly, I tried to start watching it, but it did not really catch my interest. Even the Majin Boo arc was a bit too much for my taste, especially for how it undid Gohan's development into the new "protag" of the DB world and brought Goku and Vegeta back as the strongest guys (yeah, I know that technically, Gohan was individually superior, but his plot relevance was meh). It was still an incredibly impactful show in portuguese TV and my generation back then. I believe that it was the most watched TV show ever in PT back when it aired, before Big Brother-style shows and telenovelas became the norm lol.
  5. Right, that's the more usual route, I guess. Berserk is probably the top manga on my plan to read list. I've heard a lot of good things about it! Yu Yu Hakusho is that far up in your ranking? Have you read/watched Hunter x Hunter? How do they compare? Zatch Bell I've never heard about, ever. I'll search for it just to see what it is about. There seems to be a lot of good stuff I still do not have on my list! My new lack of social life gives me the required time I needed to read all of the series I had planned for a long damn time.
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    I am very much into anime. I got into anime first before manga.
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    I haven't watched Code Geass in years so I'm not sure where to place it. One Piece is definitely at the top. My Hero Academia definitely has potential to reach the top as well and is the second most exciting manga series I keep up with weekly.

    I would say it's One Piece, Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Zatch Bell. The pre-timeskip sections of Naruto and Toriko deserve honorable mentions as well.

    I have no problem trashing Dragon Ball for how badly it aged in private conversations no matter how much nostalgia I have for it lol. I just don't bring that up often in threads since people seem to love it a lot here. The only thing I can say that's really great about it that stands the test of time is the art-style/character designs. I watch Dragon Ball Super, but completely turn my brain off when I watch it since I have nothing better to do.
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    That was a spectacular post you made in the Chapter 884 thread. I would give it a thumbs up if this forum had a like system.
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    Hello my lusophone friend. I'm here to tell you that our former president Lula just got sentenced to 9 years of prison.
    This is only for one of his crimes, there is at least 4 more, so 20 years is not a farfetch idea.
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    Kinda part 3

    As you know, our current president is under investigation for blackmailing, this put him in a bad spot, where he could get impeached any time given.

    Now, if he is indeed impeached, to summarize things, we are going to get new elections (direct or indirect), either way, this gives a opportunity for everyone who is currently under investigation to run for president and if this person wins, he/her gets immunity for any kind of investigation, such as the Lava-Jato.

    People justify (obviously not directly) the shielding of Temer in order to prevent the supposed return of Lula as president
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