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    I was born in the United States, but my folks were born in Poland. So, our household was basically with Polish traditions and values, and we didn't really have much fish unless it was for like Christmas Eve and Fridays in Lent. So, never gotten used to it. Though now I have been eating more fish for health reasons, so getting more used to it! I'm still scared of trying new foods, but I am willing to try eventually x3
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    Ooo! Yeah, I had sushi at a seafood Japanese buffet a few weeks ago! Honestly, I'm getting used to eating it, I used to have trouble because of the seaweed and maybe fish. Though, I think my body has been getting used to eating fish in general, since I had been trying to eat more healthy.

    I'm glad you were able to eat some for your birthday! That honestly sounds like it was a good birthday dinner!
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    Woot! What did she make you for dinner? o:

    And you're welcome! ^^
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    You're very welcome! How did it go for your birthday?

    (Also, I'm a female xD)
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day today!
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    Well, at least Wano opens up the possibility of an arc giving us more on that "Water 7"-feel, if only because length-wise we really should expect +100 chapters. And maybe we'll even get 2 new crewmembers (Jinbe should be a given and maybe another one. But not Carrot ).

    Regarding the anime, it came in parts to Germany. The first episodes were until the end of Alabasta and then Skypiea. About that time, I discovered scanlations online and switched to this. Let's say that Toei really fucked up the Anime lately. I hope - yeah, unrealistic, I know, but still - that one day we get a much better paced version of the anime kinda like Dragonball Kai to make up for 800+ or whatever episodes the anime as of now already has.
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    2005 is Water 7 times, indeed. I think I discovered this board around the time the chapters on the sea train came out. But I lurked and lurked (sometimes would lose interest in One Piece for a few years) and only decided that I would register myself 2 years ago.

    I discovered One Piece itself on German TV though. A TV station broadcasted the anime since 2003. I guarantee you that around 90 % of German One Piece fans in their Twenties discovered One Piece this way. How was it for you in Portugal?

    I'm very happy that someone thinks like me. Though I thought Enies Lobby to be a little bit weaker, Water 7 (together with Skypiea) represents, to this day, the pinnacle of what One Piece can achieve. The crew interactions, mstery, suspense, location, drama about Usopp and Robin were weaved together by Oda to create something unique. I hope he may be able to repeat something similiar in Wano.
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    You were already a fan at Water 7? That's cool! Believe it or not, I discovered this forum around 2005 and was (not always, but from time to time) a silent reader until I decided to register in 2016. The latest chapter was definitely cool. I mean seeing Teach again? Why do you think my nickname is Big Black Hole?

    Oh and another thing:

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    Oh you lucky guy!

    I know this may sound ignorant, but FC Porto is the thing that comes quickest to my mind when I think of this city.

    So, how do you like the latest chapters?
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    City? I've from a small town in Bavaria. Never been to Dresden (or Portugal for that matter). I study elsewhere, though I'm not sure I'll follow through with this.

    Where do you reside in Portugal?
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