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    Thank you for playing my game.
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    Oh, I still love CCC. I'm just venting a little; It's just that he's really made me irritated from time to time. I don't want to give the impression that I hate him, just posting this here so no one gets the wrong idea XD

    As for what I'm known for? Well, I'm the resident One Piece guy, as well as my aspiration to become the comment king.
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    Yeah I know, I mean I know a lot of people here respect CCC (and for good reasons) but I've got to be honest, he's pissed me off far more than almost anyone else with his nonsense.

    Oh and if you ever feel like thinking about making a KYM account, don't hesitate! I'm there as well (it's my main site) under the name "thegreato" (I'm actually a little curious if you now may know who I am XD) But anyways, if you ever join message me! I won't hesitate to help you around!
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    Dude...I want to congratulate you. I've read through the "#SkeletonGate" thread and nearly had my f*cking head explode every other page with the amount of BS there; it was really a godsend that you posted there trying to reason with them (to no avail).

    I respect you dude, keep truckin' on.

    (Say, have you ever heard of Know Your Meme?)
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    Hey, it's clear here, too! Nice, sunny, and beautiful. :)

    And no reason in particular, other than just wanting to strike up conversation.
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    I'm doing well today, thanks for asking. How's the weather treating you?
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    Hello there, how are you?
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    Is your avatar from Blood Lad?
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    How do you pronounce your username anyway ?
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    Yo forgot what episode your display picture was from, please tell me so I can get you an HD colour correct version as the colours are hurting my eyes. LOL
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