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    I keep forgetting how small inbox space is here. I'll reply when I have the time.
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    Yeah, a lot of people, especially young people are moving away, Germany, Ireland, Canada etc. One of the good things about our national TV station is that they never used dubs, only subs. And English is being learned in low elementary school. I myself also had German and Italian in high school and then English and German in college. That's not to say our education system is good :p.

    Insurance sales? I worked for Allianz insurance for a while. Hope the insurance market is better there than it is here. People here aren't generally aware of the importance, not even the ones in good standing. With time I focused on property, boats and retirement funds (our retirement system is not self sustainable, so anyone who doesn't want to drink rain water and eat roots when he retires better take care of it themselves).
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    Well, I'm honored! I think the same of you. This forum wouldn't be the same without your humor. I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I was pretty good, but I started neglecting it over the years. I always plan to start drawing again, I even have a block ready to be filled up by drawings, but never can find the time. I should really do something about it. 4 languages? Nice. I only speak 2 other, and I'm not that fluent in German. Never enough money, isn't that the truth. Unfortunately, our country didn't recover as good as some from the financial crisis. It has something to do with incapable and partly corrupted government. If something drastic isn't done soon, we'll easily become the next Greece. The situation is not as bad for me, but if I didn't have so many connections here, I'd be seriously thinking about moving abroad. All the nationalistic crap the current government feeds upon is something I could easily live without.

    How's The Mind Hero progressing, btw?
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    So tell me, are you going to do more "Pun Pieces" ? They're really cool.
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    You'll always be the funniest member for me, baby !
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    Thanks buddy, this moment was hilarious!
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    Hahaha Thing is that I hate the facebook thing because most of the time you don't know them, its a friend of a friend of a friend that you've never met, or a friend of a distant relative, boss ect. People on facebook collect them like a collector does coins or stamps.
    The those that I have on the friends list are ones that I talk and joke with here ... though there are a few that's been missing for awhile, like Nia (miss her). I usually don't send out a friend request until I've talked with the people some ... which I why I'm trying to figure out why you weren't on before now. Though if someone sends me a request I accept them lol
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    Do you still have that awesome avatar ? The one with Luffy and the MangaPanda logo. I need it to post in the nomination thread, just as a link.
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    So, you are the famous creator of the Mangapanda Abridged thread ? Nice to finally meet you, here is a friend request, take it.
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    Damn, what happened to your drinks thread?
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