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    Hey! Sorry I didn't see your message! I used to live in Nanjing before, studying doing part time jobs, and got an offer to act in a movie. They needed a tall white guy to do a fighting scene with him haha, at that time I didn't even recognize him as Zhuge Liang even though I watched through the whole series, I wish i could have done a selfie with him or at least tell him that his role as huge kiang was awesome...http://www.tubechop.com/watch/5062938 here is the scene we worked on if you want to see!
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    It's more of a novel-based one, but The Last Kingdom is a good adaption of Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories. Vikings on the History Channel is more of a distillation of things that happened in the Viking Age then a straight shot at the two Sagas that inspired it, but I am quite fond of it. And who could forgot Drunk History. :P
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    Hey I've noticed you love to watch a lot of good TV shows and movies, wish I had the time to do the same :( Currently about half-way through Gravity Falls, and Season 2 of Batman TAS (saw it when I was a kid, but only remember bits and pieces).
    I was wondering, do you get into comics much, if at all? I don't stay up to date with them much, but I do seek out the well-known good ones. I'm reading Swamp Thing at the moment.
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    You mind giving me a list of your top manga? I seem to agree with you tastes somewhat and it could give me a better direction for future reading.
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    Pretty good on both counts. And you?

    Far as favorite films goes, man, there's just so many.

    Just to throw some out there in no particular order that I can watch endlessly without getting tired of them and that just come to mind.

    Bad Day at Black Rock, Animal Crackers, Jaws, Night of the Hunter, Forbidden Planet, Arsenic and Old Lace, Rear Window, The Searchers, The Wizard of Oz, Modern Times, the original King Kong, The Empire Strikes Back, Track of the Cat, Blazing Saddles, and 2001.

    On some days, I might switch out a few of those for something else but most of them are pretty solid favorites of mine.

    Plus animation, which could easily be a whole list to itself.
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    Yeah I know about the Horn. There's stuff from even earlier than Muslim writers about the area, pretty sure the Romans had some contacts. Possibly even the ancient Egyptians.
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    Thanks for the answer. I've been meaning to get into Real, since Slam Dunk and Vagabond are among my favorites. I just can't seem to sit down and read it. How would you rank it with Inoue's other 2 big works? Also let me know if you get into RoT manhua, although heads up that the art is a little weird for the first few volumes.
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    Actually, I've just been reading Kaiji hahahah. I'm currently on Part 4, but I'll try to find time this summer to get started on Fukumoto's other series =P
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    Hey there. I'm doing good, thanks for asking! Looks like we have the same good taste in TV shows =P
    Oh man, that is a really hard one. I'm not sure if I could pick a character, but I have a soft spot for Frank Sobotka and season 2. It's not particularly my favorite, but I remember a lot of people knocking it as the weak link, so I watched it with an extra motivation to try and see the good in it--I ended up really liking Sobotka's story arc and found it to be a good set up for the following seasons. I think season 4 might be the best though.
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    i finished the sopranos! oh my god that ending was so brilliant, i love it when authors leave things open for interpretations. what did you think of the ending?
    anyways, i can't say i kept liking tony after killing chris and almost killing paulie.
    i mean i could understand killing chris (even though it was excessive) because he felt he was incompetent and might turn him in if the police got him but was he seriously gonna kill paulie over telling john the joke. i mean, come on he's a sociopath not a psycho.
    i know you like phil but im sorry his death scene was so damn satisfactory. the douchebag killed bobby and silvio!
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