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    i think the first 3 seasons are the best ones.
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    Thanks you LSSJ4.
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    no one. they're all kinda douchebags. johnny sack was badass at times but i stopped taking him seriously when got immature and wanted to kill ralphie for making that joke (which was fucking funny btw).
    artie's cynicism and jealousy of tony made me really like him. he says the most hurtful shit to tony in a funny way but the latter always forgives him lol.
    "Oh, great. Another idea. How 'bout a strolling accordionist?"
    i was on the floor after he said this.
    chris moltisanti is by far the most tragic character in the series, all the shit that happened to him would drive a normal man to a noose but the dude kept going. unfortunately i was spoiled, i know that he's gonna die and i dread the episode that is gonna happen in. don't tell me anything spoilery please.
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    i liked most of the characters really. but if i have to pick i'd say chris moltisanti, arthur bocco (i related to his struggles and jealousy of tony), ralphie, silvio dante and the man himself tony.
    who is "6A"?
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    i have city of god in my hard drive, i still haven't watched it yet.
    im watching the sopranos atm, right now im at the 13th episode of the 6th season. it's so good.
    the directing in particular is brilliant in this show. everything is shown to you, there's barely any expositions at all. an example: there's a scene where tony stares at his son while he was chatting on his laptop. you'd think it's weird scene that serves no purpose but later on we hear tony talking about how he's starting to dislike his son. it was added so you'd know why he'd say that.
    the wire is on my list of shows that i want to get into.

    i remember seeing menace to society and boyz n the hood on tv, both were good. i love pulp fiction, i rewatched it like 8 times. i loved christopher walken scene, and the post anal rape scene with wallas when he was talking to z.
    the usual suspects was okay. i haven't watched the rest of your suggestions but ill remember to do so some time. thanks :)
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    you seem to like gangster movies, i like them too. i think goodfellas and casino are probably the best, the godfather is very good but it's not as good as those two.
    there's also some very good hidden gems in there, like the movie "hoodlum". did you watch it?
    it's loosely based on bumpy johnson's crime life and it starts laurence fishburne as him and tim roth as dutch schultz, he is spot on as the villain, his death scene was so fucking badass. it's a very good movie and people seem to disregard it because it's mostly fictionalized.
    so tell me, what are your favorites? and would you recommend me a good under rated gangster movie (i've seen most of the famous ones lol).
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    The original four (Reese, Finch, Fusco, Carter) were the best.
    I initially liked Samaritan in the series but it turned into fodder provider with hundreds of its goons just getting mowed down every episode.
    As for Root and Shaw, I don't mind their presence but I'm not crazy about them either. Root is just too much of a polite psycho (also really dislike how she treats John) for my taste and Shaw is just meh.
    I don't hate them but they really should have been 1 season character.

    Dominic was so hyped in S4, with Elias treatment of Usual Suspects-ish episode, but he was just a time-waster.
    Season 5 is business as usual, nothing spectacular for me just that I've been in a ride with these characters for long time that I'm willing to go with it.
    It just ended today and it reminds me of how Penny Dreadful ended.

    I also love Leon Tao, he's just the right amount of funny and smarts for this show.
    Wished for him to come back for more as well as Zoe (spin doctor) character but no...
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    I loved Fusco from the very start. He's an evolving character and my favorite season was season 2. It had choke full of great moments... Snow's revenge on Stanton still gives me goosebumps on how epic it was.
    I think the two leads are fantastic as well.

    Who's your favorite? and episode?
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    Thank you very much! :)
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    Haven't received a friend request in years haha
    Thank you and see you around!
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