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    Cool! :D

    Good luck! lol XD
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    Oh, wow. That's pretty cool that it gives you options when you die. Kinda reminds me of Kingdom Hearts II, where Mickey joins in if you die too many times or something like that.

    The two levels up seems like a fair bargain honestly, well to me anyway. If you ever find out the third option, I would not mind knowing! ^^
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    Oh, okay, that sounds helpful, since sometimes bosses can be hard, and it be a good idea to level up if you can't win against said boss. Basically, "grinding" lol XD

    And that is interesting with the random items/people. So, basically, you got to look around a lot if you want lots of goodies! :3

    As for the fishing, it is interesting mechanism for it being a part of your progression in the game. I don't think any game as something like that, so it is a bit original.

    And I see about the random pools. And it makes sense, if an enemy is trying to attack you, the character would be like "Ummmm, can't focus". -kills enemy- "Okay, I can fish now! :D"

    I gotcha. (About the last sentence.)
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    Thanks for the links! Though I get them when I get my own laptop, though I plan on getting a PS2 first (Final Fantasy IX and Persona 4), and YS 8 on Steam before I get any other games :P (I don't want to overwhelm myself, that's all ^^)

    I love science stuff! I recently watched youtube videos about strange planets in space, it was quite interesting, indeed! And I love NCIS, I used to watch it all the time with my former roommate on Netflix! Gibbs is probably my favorite character on that show. I like his attitude and personality. Also, Vance is one of my other favorites! I love how he has a toothpick in his mouth sometimes! Anyways do you have any favorites?

    I don't have a watch later list XD
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    lol XD I think I watched that same video you did about the differences between the book and the movie O:

    You're welcome! (About the encouragement! :3)

    The FATE series seems like an interesting game, quite indeed. Are the dungeons different every time you go in them, or they are the same? o:

    House of 1000 doors looks like something I like as well. I like mystery, and from the description it feels like a point and click game which I don't mind if that is the case.
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    And other hobbies that I have: languages (Currently self-teaching myself French), gardening, anime/manga, watching movies/TV Series (Recently been watching crime shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order.), and nature. I am always will to learn new hobbies, as I am a bit of a jack of all trades XD

    By the way, your coloring pages are really pretty! :3

    (Sheesh, I had to break my message into four parts O_________O)
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    And I listen to music on youtube too! I have like a super long music list on there XD Though I watch videos too, from education ones to political comedy shows to at times watching the actual music videos XD

    I am also a gamer, and I play all kinds. And I like all consoles too! :P + PC Though right now, can't play anything, but I am getting money soon in the future, so I be able to get some stuff to entertain myself with. Specifically a laptop, as it can be used for multi-things, and not just games. (I do want to make my own video games in the future too, and having a good pc will help with that.) I never heard of FATE or House of 1000 Doors, but I'm willing to try new games. Are they on Steam? And what are they about? o:
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    As for art, you can get better, just practice, practice, practice! You can do it! :D My friend SerraBritt who is on this site too, as an art thread. She does digital art. Her first piece was very bad-looking, but now she has improved greatly. Just trying to help motivate you! :3

    I like to do art too, but the old-fashion way, as in painting and drawing. Though I need to start keeping my art for once, especially my regular drawings, and do them with color to flesh them out. One of these days I get a DeviantArt and make a thread on here as well. And speaking of adult coloring books, I have one of those as well, but it has not been colored in yet lol XD

    But I did some of those adult coloring pages in some of the therapy groups I was in the past. It is supposed to help relax you, and can be used as a coping skill as well. Most of the ones, I did in the past, I randomly put colors in, basically no specific pattern XD
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    Ah, I see O:

    I like to read too! I'm currently reading "It" by Stephen King :P

    Though the book I borrowed from the library, is literally missing a bunch of pages due to a misprint. AKA it is one page number, and then jumps to another one. Yeah O_O

    Any specific genres of books you like to read? o:
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    You're welcome! I have been trying to be more of the community here! :3

    Anyways, what kinds of hobbies do you like to do?
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