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    Nah. I don't like that forum. It loads slow and I don't like the mechanics(quoting and what not).
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    Oh, I see. I loved Sherlock. And Doctor Who is awesome. You should watch it now.
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    Do you watch Sherlock or Doctor Who?
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    Watch the debate.
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    Bored, eh? So you decided it would be fun to browse a forum you aren't a fan of? Why not find another forum? MangaHelpers is decent. Or why not read some manga? I'm currently reading 3-gatsu no Lion. I was reading The Book of Human insects, but I've been putting off finishing it because I don't feel like writing the review yet. Or you could watch some anime. I got a Roku box and now I've been watching a lot of anime on my tv through the Crunchyroll app. Too bad it's a week behind in the episodes for non paying members.
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    How come you're on AP? I thought you hated it here?
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    That should show you just how much I hate him and a few others that have driven me from the One Piece section with their stupidity. It's unbearable.

    Well, I think OMF's days are numbered. It keeps crashing and the owner probably isn't making money off it anymore, so he probably won't care to fix it when it goes down for good. I don't even really care that much.

    Not really. It's like 6 months away, so it's not in the forefront of my mind. I liked Strong World well enough(though I hate how everyone thinks it's canon...). This one could be fine, or it could be bad. I'm not concerned either way as long as the manga is good.
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    In my experience, the people here are leagues smarter than those fucktards in the OMF One Piece section. PunkHazard has got to be the dumbest motherfucker I have ever seen on any forum. I hate that guy. Of course you will run into fan boys on every forum and there is LOL Haki talk here too. God, I won't go anywhere near the Naruto Forum. I doesn't exist to me.

    Yeah, the lack of freedom is part of what has been killing the forum since the online reader shutdown. Sometimes I think the mods want the forum to die. They are either too strict, or completely absent when you really need them...

    I posted that info on OneManga a while ago.....seems you didn't see it....
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    I dislike One Piece discussions in general. Especially at OneManga. The forumers there are beyond retarted. If I hear another person say "Diable Jambe is haki!", or "Usopp noticed the Harpy, He must have Haki!", I'm going to shoot myself in the foot. I hate how dumb the people there are. They are at least a little smarter here, and when you say something stupid, like 20 people will go hard on you and make you feel like an ass.

    Yeah, I hate how on OM General Chit chat section, Ayame will delete or merge almost every new thread. God forbid we want to get a good discussion on YJ going in it's own thread. Relegating it to the cartoon thread kills it. Whatever though.

    Yeah, but I don't post much. I come mostly for spoilers and news and what not.
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    You have to find the right threads. For manga discussions(besides One Piece), I'd say this place is inferior to OMF. But the "Media" section is way better because rather than having a "cartoons" thread or "tv" thread, they allow individual threads for the individual series here. On OMF, having one thread for so many shows hinders discussion.
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