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    Even so, Law, Smoker and CC are the only worthy opponents so far and Smoker certainly won't work with them against the Straw Hats. And I don't want to see Law become a one off arc villain. So the only expendable opponent is CC and while his power has potential, he doesn't seem strong enough to give the whole crew a challenge like Moria did.

    I need more information before making any judgements on this arc. Like what are Law's motivations? What is the bigger picture of the conspiracy to kidnap kids? This arc has been entertaining though, so I am looking forward to more.

    What do you think?
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    Mission accomplished.

    This arc is pretty good so far. The location is cool and finding out Akainu and Aokiji fought there makes it even cooler. I really like Law's devil fruit power. It's interesting. And I love that he defeated Smoker and the way he did it was badass. Taking people's hearts hostage is pimp. Law owns Smoker now. Also, I hate Smoker. He's a tool. He should die with Tashigi in a volcano.

    I also like CC's character design and his devil fruit power has lots of potential for a good fight. Somehow I don't think there will be epic fights this arc though. There isn't enough strong enemies introduced yet for epic fights for the whole crew. And I'd rather not see Nami and Robin just beat up centaur fodder like they did to the fishmen fodder in the FI arc. One of Oda's strong points has been balancing a large cast and giving them equal attention. Having Nami and Robin fight fodder two arcs in a row would be a slight injustice.
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    2 weeks! Seems a little harsh. Sparanda is like an uptight Mormon or something.

    I'm fine. I want to offend you. Prepare to be offended.
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    Jesus Christ. You were back for what? Like 2 days? You must have a target on your back.
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    That's interesting, because that was my least favorite arc(I still liked it though). I didn't like that Manji and Rin were separated for so long. Their interactions and relationship are my favorite part of the manga. I guess I can see what you mean bout being annoyed by Rin and her revenge, though it doesn't bother me at all. You won't have to wait much longer for her decision since the manga is in it's climax. I really doubt she will take revenge though. She's just not really like that and Anotsu will probably get killed by someone else first. I actually think that Rin and Anotsu's weird relationship is interesting. She won't kill him.

    I'm always reading new manga. Most recently and notably, I caught up with Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was really good and blew away my expectations. Before that, I was reading Hikaru no Go, which was also surprisingly amazing for being a manga about a board game. I don't know what I will read next. I'll have to hit up the library and see what they have
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    Oh, I see. That poser M1hawkgsm did the same thing. He just wanted to copy you and act cool. He secretly reads the forums somehow.

    I'm well. How are you? OneManga Forums is okay I guess. I think the level of discussion is pretty low brow still, but it has been a little more enjoyable since the new arc of One Piece is being well recieved. I actually wasn't posting much for a while, but I've been trying to get back into it lately. So no, I haven't taken over. The forum is poorer without you though. I can't say you have missed much though. Just people arguing power levels and what not. More Zoro vs. Sanji and Shanks vs. Mihawk. The same old small brained bullshit. I guess that's fun for some people to talk about, but not me. Not that I can really think of any other topics to talk about, so maybe I shouldn't complain...
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    What are you doing? Just come back to OMF if you are going to burp in my ear like that!
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    What happened this time? Gone Fishing? What's that? Perma ban?
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    Exactly and 90% of the criticism are BS.
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    Well, I think it is a common misconception that Luffy is extra succeptable to bladed attacks, when he actually isn't. It just seems like it is his weakness in contrast with his high resistance to blunt force. In fact, I would say normal human flesh is easier to cut than his rubber flesh. Try stabbing a rubber tire. Then go stab a human in the stomach. I bet the knife goes into the human flesh easier. But anyway, even though Luffy has haki, he still needs to be careful against bladed attacks. Hody didn't have haki and he was able to puncture Luffy's skin with brute force. Also, some people on the forums pointed out that "Punk Hazard" is slang for an area of road where there is a risk of puncture hazard to your car tires. RUBBER car tires. Maybe this is forshadowing that Luffy will be at risk agaisnt the samurai.

    Reborn sucks. Don't waste your time. If you are looking for another Shonen fighting manga to read, try Hunter x Hunter or Toriko.
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