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    I have a bamboo shield WHATCHA GUNNA DO
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    Hey~ I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the compliment on the tournament thread. Despite the looks and the rigorous standards that I impose on myself and everything I do, I'm probably one of the more insecure people here. Underneath the surface and the role I have assumed is the heart of a playful but shy child who just wants the surrounding world to like him. Those kind of comments always make me feel warm inside.

    Thank you~ You really made my day.
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    smashy smashy smash smash

    panda soooooft
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    panda panda panda SMASH!

    the ultimate KO move
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    Greatness is in what you make of it yourself, however. My words always have a particular colour or two but never none or all of them, and there is always someone who likes other colours better. Yours are more neutral and soothing, and gather more positive attention. Personally, I find that to be far greater than the enjoyment to be had looking at pretty colours.

    And while it is very true that having wings for flying is rather nice, I must admit, the skies are also very empty and lonely at times. You, on the other hand, you get to lie still with your front paws and have all the fellow panda folk and panda lovers surround you every day if you so desire. You have to have been born under lucky stars to have been brought up as a Panda.
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    But there is the thing, you see. All I have and get to have is coloured opinions, but yours are always in black and white. Surely you can see the difference?
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    Hola Seņor~ I was thinking it was about time we got to know one another better. Your colours intrigue me.
  8. Seņor Panda.

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    I just realized that you got yourself a star. Congratz!
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    The third time around, I physically wrote down on a piece of paper all the emails and their conditions, in the order that I would be likely to encounter them. I thought that maybe both 7 and 44 couldn't be received based on just the serpent staff (although you say it was enough to trigger both) so I bought the dragon bone first. That gave me 7. Then I got 44 randomly after beating my third boss, so that apparently has nothing to do with the serpent staff. And yes- 37 is purely about reading a number of old script tablets (at least 5, maybe?). There are a few accessible ones in CoExtinction, ToRuin, and one in SotMother map room. It looks like I might actually succeed this time. Only need two more emails (the ones after beating 8 bosses) and I'm about to do Tiamat...
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