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    Thời gian gần đây các trang nhà cái mọc ra như nấm sau mưa. Mặc cho những lời khuyến cáo của cơ quan CA, các website cá độ bóng đá online vẫn tràn lan, chết lại mọc, chết lại mọc. Không chỉ mọc ra như nấm, mỗi lần mọc ra là lại kèm một chương trình khuyến mại mới, hấp dẫn hơn… Nếu bây giờ bạn muốn tham gia cá độ bóng đá và lên google t́m kiếm với vài từ khóa nhà cái lừa đảo th́ chắc chắn bạn sẽ đọc được rất nhiều thông tin không tốt bên lề, thậm chí có những diễn đàn, forum uy tín về cá độ, có rất rất nhiều những topic được lập ra để cảnh báo mọi người những nhà cái nào không uy tín, lừa đảo… Vậy có nên tin vào những bài này và đâu là cách để nhận biết nha cai uy tin và nhà cái lừa đảo ?
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    وين يابو الشباب؟ لا حس ولا خبر
    يقولون من طول الغيبات جاب الغنايم ;)

    على العموم بس حبيت اسلم عليك واشوف اخبارك
    السلام عليكم
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    Passive aggressive aren't we? I don't see why you're so upset about this. I'm a little shocked that you got thread banned, particularly without warning, but I don't condone lashing out against me over a debate about just character and story details on a forum about a Japanese children's comic book. You've been insulting me while I've engaged in no such conduct. At worst I've merely suggested that you have skimmed over my points.

    But hey if it makes you feel better feel free to insult me or whatever. I don't hate you or anything stupid like that in any way. I question your taste a little, but to varying degrees that's mostly a non-issue. It would be a shame for you if that was a perma-ban for the thread so hopefully that isn't the case for your own sake.

    If you still REALLY want to debate this you could always send me a PM and we can discuss this like civil adults. Though I think we're going on treaded ground. You're still welcome to either way though.
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    You were TEMP banned from the thread for being overly aggressive and starting to lean towards insulting and dismissive. It wasn't what you were saying, but how you were saying it. I was giving you two or three days to back off and cool down and let the piles of text thin down a bit.

    In the future, you can send *polite* PMs, and you might get a better response than with angry public messages and sigs.
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    What you were banned out the thread. Sigh, really people don't value a good conversation anymore. Hey it's a forum not a kid's sandbox.

    As for the example, well I thought about Machi that ryodan girl who also had a very developed intuition. Kaito who had a bad feeling when they started fighting the ants, even though everything was going fine. etc etc etc...

    I hope you weren't banned for long, see you around.
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    Hahaha, come on don't be a baby Bad, I don't like to spoonfeed grown up people.

    I gave you a good example, it should be sufficient enough for you to recognize the many other examples in the manga. ;p

    Have a good day, bro.
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    Yeah, a lot of bullshit happening in Egypt, my mothers side is from Egypt and they say that its gone "inkilba 3ala raas--ha"
    i catch up through 2 Egyptian reporters i met up in Benghazi back in the day
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    Hey man, kannak quiet all of a sudden around here?
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    يا سلام عليك, ردودك عجيبه يا أخي
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    Eid mubarak Dreamer :)
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