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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    Nono it's after that, Origins is... the one who must not be remembered.
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    First three minutes of origins OHMYGOSH
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    No problem :D .
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    The thing about the videos stopping at random points is a bug that happens sometimes.

    I suggest you first of all get CCleaner and clean it with that.
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    I don't pay attention to the credits... XD

    I'm still just done with episode 1.~ I take a long time to recover
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    Don't tell me about Season 6 Giles DDDD:
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    I didn't like Anya at first but she has started growing on me much like Cordy did, aside from a few moments when she gets annoying again. Her thing is crossing boundaries, so that will work at some times and not others, I guess. I kind of hope that if Buffy finds another relationship, they finally give her something functional... She seriously needs that XD It gets a bit hard to keep liking her when stuff like that keeps happening. There's gotta be something wrong when all her relationships are intensely destructive and malfunctional.

    I liked Angel a lot, actually. Until he did that true happiness thing, then I was irritated at how stupid it was. Then I got scared when all that evil lightning stuff happened, then he turned around and was evil and I loved every bit of it. Then he killed XXX and I hated him with a burning passion. I continued to experience conflict until the finale... and then I curled up and died.
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    Hush was fantastic, I like what the episode achieved through the silence. The Body made me sit in my chair noiselessly, staring motionlessly at my screen, for the whole length of the episode. Then I watched it again as a drinking game (pink guava juice :D) with Huschel (e.g. drink when someone cries, when Willow changes a shirt, when someone says Joyce, etc.) and that helped to numb my pain so I could move on. I watched S6E1 just very recently and while I had a niggling idea of the revelation at the end, it made me want to curl up underneath my table and cry. I'm still in that state now.

    Spike is definitely one of my favourite characters. I like Willow a lot too, but I loved her more in the earlier seasons when she was quieter and more unassuming. It is fun when she becomes a more reliable part of the team though.
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    Well first of all, you need to go contact Huschel and make friends with him. :D He's a huge fan of Buffy and Angel, and he used our friendship to make me watch... Sort of. XD He's the reason why I'm watching Buffy and Angel simultaneously in the correct way, haha. When I read your PM I thought, "Huschel would love this rambling..."

    I was meh about Buffy in the first season I think, as it usually is with most TV shows. Season 2 was better, Season 3 too. I think Season 5 has been one of my favourites in a very agonising way. I didn't like Season 4 very much; the Initiative could have been something interesting but somehow just ended up being confusing and annoying. Riley has a too-smooth-and-hairless chest that looks like rubber. Season 4 also kind of had the gang separating which I didn't like. I miss Oz in a painful way every day.
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