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    Hope you been doing well, haven't seen you posting in a while. While I haven't spoiled everything, I did take a little dive into some CSIV screen shots, mostly about certain characters who will be making an appearance. I couldn't be any happier with the reveals.
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    No problem, life gets busy so I can't fault you for that. Best of luck with finishing that project.
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    Just a heads up if you are interested, in my own thread I am going to be doing a series of posts discussing my love for the Trails in the Sky series. Hopefully I will be able to finish all my thoughts before Christmas, just depends on my schedule.

    Have you been able to start Ys VIII yet?
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    I heard that! Congrats.
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    Haven't seen you on online for some time, so thought I just give you a little update on my third play through. I'm part way through the 6th plane, about to finish up the area which required Anelace to go through. Been enjoying the game quite a bit, with a number of the memories being a lot of fun to go through. Though of all the memories I have seen so far I would say the one with Olivier and Mueller was the best, but all of them have been quite good in their own way. Also, Erika Russell is a character I quite enjoy, even if her character spends very little time in the actual game.
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    I don't remember that line being said in either of the games, but seeing it made me laugh more than it should've. Estelle is just great and I want people to play the game a lot because of her, on top of the great story, characters, and world building.
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    Alright, changed my profile stuff to fit the theme, and I think I found a fine Estelle avatar. Now I need to consider some ways to spread the word and get people interested.
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    Sorry for not replying back to that, just been busy that I haven't had too much time to think about it. For now I'll just put the link to the thread in my sig and try to get some users to consider being part of the competition. If we have a good sized base playing the game I'll consider giving the second game away as well. As it is now it seems like there is one person interested if the thread is anything to go by.
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    I haven't gotten much farther then when I started, but I did start replaying the first game again (my 4th play through). It really does show how well they weave not just the story but the world even at the beginning of the game. They set things up and slowly boils into the climax which builds things up for the second game and even the cold steel games. Despite other games having some bigger moments, the first Trails in the Sky game is my favorite just because of how well it presents everything and paces itself, even more since I am talking to all the townspeople this time around. Knowing what they payoff become later also makes it great.

    If I was to rate Cold Steel 2, I would actually rank it below first chapter but above second chapter and cold steel 1. Without going into detail the setting allows for a better story than cold steel 1, and it is much better paced and presented compared to second chapter imo.
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    Well I can't wait for you to be able to play and finish Cold Steel II so I can hear your opinion of it. Sucks that it's such an unknown game because I have no one to talk about it, but then you finished Persona 5 and may not have many people to discuss that about. This time around I actually went around and talked to everyone all the time and only missed a few quests, and overall it was about a 70 hour game.
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