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    specialization is between manip and mater, because the one with affinity with these 2 hatsu's have the most chance to get the specialization hatsu, but it isn't something you can train like the other hatsu's, or you have it or you don't.

    OKAy what can I say more. Oh yes: a nen user has to:
    -use his affinity(hatsu, what he likes, etc..) to create a power that suits him/her = a secret technique, a weapon, etc..
    -train to increase the amount of his nen.
    -train the flow of his nen (in how one makes his nen move)

    There are also ways to make your nen more powerful due to pledges and risks. The more rules, limitations, risks you make yourself go through the stronger the nen. It also has to do with resolve and so.. Emotions , psychological states also strenghten or weaken the nen.

    I think I said it all. I hope it's clearly written, sorry I didn't take my good time to do this.
    If you have questions feel free to ask.

    I wish you a great read and hope to see you more in the Hunter thread.
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    f- Specialization= a special nen that doesn't obey to the Hatsu's we've seen so far.

    Every human is due to his genes and upbringing good in some hatsu's and bad in others. you can determine which hatsu suits you best thanks to the water test.
    The hatsu's are linked together, which means that if someone is good in reinforcement for example he'll be also quite good in the 2 hatsu's that are the closest to reinforcement (emission and transformation), the 2 others are one the other end of the circle, so a reinforcement guy would suck at them, that's why it's best to not even begin training them, it's just a waste of time.

    If my memory is good the circle is something like this:
    emission - reinforcement - transformation
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    b- transformation= nen used with the qualities of other matter, for instance: nen gets the qualities of electricity (Killua) or chewing gum (Hisoka). The nen doesn't change it's form like in the next hatsu we'll be seeing, materialization, but it just gets the qualities you want to give it.

    c- materialization= nen materializes into an object, like for instance a chain (Kurapika) or another human (castro).

    d- emission= nen can easily be detached from your body and it retains it's power. all the other Hatsu's are only powerfull if the nen stays connected with the body. (all the guys that can throw kamehamehas in HxH)

    e- manipulation= nen that can control other objects or living beings. ( I think it's the most boring one, not alot of versatility with this hatsu)
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    4- with Ren one can blow out all his stored up nen in one go. You can do this by opening up all your nen points simultaniously, the timing is important here.

    5-Then there is the Hatsu and that's just using your nen in the various ways it can be used:

    a- Reinforcement= nen used to reinforce your body or an object (Gon has affinity for this Hatsu); reinforce doesn't just mean to let it be hard like stone or iron, it also means for instance for the eyes to be able to see far, in other words to let an object or a part of the body do what it's supposed to do in the best way it can do. For example some can reinforce his immune system to not get sick or reinforce his faculty to grow back broken bones so that injuries get treated very fast, etc..
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    Yo dasia. Sorry for the late reply.. you know life and etc..

    Hmmm ok I'm gonna try. I'm gonna do this from memory without checking. some are facts some speculation, I'll let you figure out what is what. I'll have you work for it a little bit :p

    1- Nen is the life force in any living being. It's like a vapor that comes out of the body from several points. These points are shut when a person isn't awakened to the power, but they do leak a little bit, but the nen evaporates. Everyone can open up these points (or by force when another one touches you with nen, or with meditation) but because the nen evaporates immediately, his life force will decrease quickly and he'll get unconscious or very tired quickly, so...

    2- A person has to learn to control nen by first not letting it leak or evaporate he has to gather it around his body (ten), that's the most important.

    3- With Zetsu he can shut down the nen points completely to erase his presence or to conserve his nen.
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    Thanks for the greetings!! All this week I've been very nervous about this, but finally all my worries have disappeared
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    Phew! That is a relief! The victory was a clear one and the people have spoken! Glad to hear Wade is respecting that and also respecting the democracy in his country. Accepting defeat is something big, seeing how in other countries it ended differently.
    Glad senegal is keeping its status as a fair and stable country! :) Now let's hope the new person in charge doesn't mess up too much! I am just very reliefed things went this smooth.
    But do you think Macky will abuse his power?
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    Ah also today's the election, eh? Don't forget to keep me updated if you hear any news!
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    Woahh didn' t know she was doing crack! Holy shit! Somebody throw that poison out of her life! I heard the story with her step brother too. Even though they aren't related by blood it's still really weird...Reminds me of that anime called georgie I watched as a kid lol And beauty secrets from tunisia? Olive oil. Olive oil, for freaking everything. Your skin is itchy? Put olive oil on it. Your hair is dry? spray some olive oil on it over the night before you wash it!! Your ear hurts? Olive oil! A bullet wound? Yeah maybe a bit of olive oil will help it heal...LOL People thing it does miracles or some shit hahah ( but sometimes it does really help.) And loool at the rose water! Atleast you smell really good with it haha Yeah my job is a random one in a book store. It's a nice job though. Also heard the story of toulouse. I am ashamed to hear the guy called himself a muslim. All I can do is pray for the kids. No matter the politics, they were just little kids who didn't deserve to die.
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    LOL There's nothing wrong with a bit of gossip, I have been following the gossip around Angelina Jolie's leg hahah
    And I feel really sorry for Bobbi :/ I wish her the best and just hope nobody tries to rip her off (there are always greedy people around when there is money).
    And the part with the ears hahahahah Yeah we darker skinned people have this black ear problem while white poeple have to worry about looking orange when they use tan. I don't know which is funnier. Glad this can't happen to me, since my skin freaks out over anything chemical! All I touch is water and nivea baby products lol
    I also have a week off, but am working part time. I need some true true holidays again! In tunis everything is ok, but there has been a weird incident of somebody breaking into two mosques, vandalising the walls and destroying book of Qur'an. Everyone is upset and we think somebody is trying to cause trouble on purpose :/ But I don't think things will get out of control because of it.
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