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    Thanks again, haha, that's good to know about English. I geuss I was seeing what sort of Sub-Saharan jobs I could get with the US gov based on language learning. I'm probably cruising toward East Europe as is, but that means I gotta learn Russian....and go to Russia....and deal with Russians. Alas. At least it also means Greeks! I've always wondered about what America's relationship with Sub-Sahara would be as you guys start rising up. We did involve in the slave trade...but we at least didn't involve in the imperialism lol (Europe!!!), so I dunno. Things are both a little fresher? And also your diaspora lives among us, is us too, I mean sure Obama is from immigrant blood, but Michelle is from slave descendents and stuff.
    Maybe I'm just being all wishful again lol. I guess I just hope we can have a good future with eachother lol.
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    Thanks again dude, I dunno about summer though yikes! Chrissie might be alright, but I am not good with humidity and heat lol. Ghana sounds good though, I mean aside from like Botswana down yonder. For West Africa anyway, I suck at learning other languages so Ghana wins for now haha.
    If I ever do come around to the region it be awhile, for now I'm visiting Southeast Europe this summer which should be plenty adventurous.
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    omg that video lol, glad to hear you're alright and Senegal too for that matter. Yeah I was checking terrain maps, and Mali is a pretty sweet platform to just swing down into lots of the surrounding countries, namely yours, that's what had me particularly worried. And hey that reminds me, in your experience with Francophone Africa (or Senegal at least) how widespread and standard enough is French speaking. Or do most Senegalese for instance speak their ethnic languages like Wolof and stuff.
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    Hey dude, hows things in the region what with the Mali War going on? I know the Islamists up there have threatened to sweep the general region (Burkina and Ivory have been named specifially), Senegal has a stake in this right? Are you guys alright? How do you feel about the French involvement?
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    Thank you ;)
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    How about now? Can you see me? 8E
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    Ah the tape, I won't be able to explain that without spoilers. Let's get back to that after the Greed Island-arc. See ya man.
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    Well Shalnark stays close so I presume his nen stays connected with his body. I don't think he can control people on the other side of the planet, if you understand what I mean.
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    No thanks man. I like this imaginative power so much, I really think it's the best power in shonen or even in fantasy storytelling.

    You know I had some problems with manipulation cause it seems as an ubeatable power, but I think that it has limitation too, although we didn't see it clearly in the story but I think that someone with a high nen won't be able to be manipulated by a weak nen user. If the conditions are super hard that's an other story of course, but a kiss, like in instant lover isn't a really hard condition.

    Another thing is that the manipulators' nen need also to be attached to his body or he has to have a good emission hatsu for him to manipulate someone from a great distance.
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    Damn this 1000 letters thinng really sucks, hope it's readable. Good luck with it. And see ya around bro.
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