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    Well if you were being rhetorical then I'll let it go. Fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outerspec View Post
    Honestly, who cares about Richard Spencer losing his gym membership? I really don't even care if it was unfair to him. Life isn't fair and of all the shitty unfair things life can throw at you, losing your gym membership because a woman truthfully called you a Nazi is getting off easy.

    So...who cares?
    Kind of a spiky thing to say honestly.

    I care, in this one specific instance. This one isolated incident.
    Because of the principle of the thing.

    No, not the principle of Spencer being a piece of shit. That's irelevant to my point.
    I'm talking about the principle of being harassed while doing normal citizen stuff and then banned when YOU did nothing wrong.

    You can disagree if you want, that's your right and opinion.
    But some people clearly also wrote theirs, and for you to say "who cares" just seems to uneccessarily spit on that.
    Your own question was answered by the posts around you.
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    Yeah, I too miss the old times in this forums.

    But at least, I had a lot of fun in this place.
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    Thanks :-) Yeah, in the past, I used to work in a library, nowadays I work in a library that is inside a museum. As for literature, I don't know.... I am just thinking in the amount of William Shakespeare that I will have to read if I decide to go with english literature... (Help me !!!) AHAH !!

    I am glad that my posts were interesting to keep up with, together with my quiz games and Maid-chan (kinda..) I think I am a remarkable member in this place...Not bad for someone who has low self esteem. : ^)

    FYI, currently, I am doing a secret game show with a awesome prize, If you want to/can join, PM me.
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    Well, I kinda miss my posts about the current news of my country in the random news thread.
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    Mmmm, I see. Yeah some of those days were pretty fun :) I think many things happened in life and I found other ways of keeping in touch with some people in a more in-depth way, instead of having mass conversations here which could be overwhelming for me. After a while I just didn't have the time or energy to read or pay attention. I find it impressive that you've remained active here for so long. :)

    Oh your wife is a nurse now! That's so respectable. Her shifts are definitely more intense than mine. I work at a family violence centre, which is not as dangerous as it sounds. Long shifts aren't the norm, it's just that I've been having night sessions and tight deadlines thrust at me. It's a bit frustrating but it's the weekend now so I'm all better!

    Haha and yush, I have someone great :) He's very calm and steady, which is a good balance against my lack of chill. :P I'll definitely check out that game! We haven't played action games. But there's a first for everything!
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    So far, great !

    I'm only visiting the forums to post in my tea time thread or in my story thread. The rest of my time, I focus on my studies, right now I am doing a world literature course in college and I'm thinking in enrolling myself in another course in the future, maybe English literature or French literature or even Brazilian literature.

    Thanks for asking. :-)
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    Ohmygosh. I mixed up my memories /_\ sorry!!!! Now I remember, you kinda felt like a twin! Or at least I secretly imagined it that way cause we joined at similar times and I spent a long time comparing my lame mediocre posts to your coolness.

    Don't Starve Together sounds like a suicide pact. Or the reverse of one I guess. How does it work! And glad to hear about the quality time, that must be hard to come by.

    Actually work this week was tough too. I've been working 12+ hour days over the past 3 weeks and although I get some time off to compensate, the late nights are definitely taking their toll on me. The boyfriend has been super wonderful and supportive though. I know I'm supposed to be all yea I'm my own independent person whoo but he's so crucial to me.

    You make it sound like things on the forum are pretty different now. What's changed? (I'd say you can PM me if you want, but the one thing that hasn't changed is that I'm still hopelessly incapable of clearing my inbox.)
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    Hello Outer, missed talking with you.~~
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    Aww. I remember welcoming you for the first time. Now you're an oldie!

    I'm doing all right. Last week was a tough work week but this week is hopefully better. How about you?
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