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    Gah... I honestly can't remember the books I had. One was big and...orange? But as long at that 日本語総まとめN3 you have lists the grammar points one at a time, that should be good :)
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    For the grammar, huh...? That was always the toughest for me. Vocab was usually easiest, reading was hit or miss, but grammar was the killer.
    Honestly, I used study books. Ones that explicitly list out all the different grammar patterns and give example sentences. There's some stuff you can pick up from everyday use of the language (particles is one of those things) but most of it is really obscure and not something you'll find in, say, manga.
    Good luck!
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    The Vol. 2 scans are already clean and don't need any redrawing. They just need typesetting, as far as I know. I swiped the character profiles off Tumblr, actually. And took photos of the inside covers, so those need to be fixed. As for tutorials, I have no idea. I'm just the translator! Sorry!
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    Honestly I don't foresee them starting work on it anytime soon. I'm still pushing for the MHA vol. 2 omake at the moment! If you cleaned it entirely, then I could get it redrawn as a not-too-arduous favor to me on their part
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    They're physical raws
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    Ah.. oh well then.

    I'll just continue print screening I suppose.
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    I see that you were able to rip from Shonen Jump +, but did you use an external application or just print screen?

    (I'm going to be releasing raws again as I've gotten my Japanese card back)
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    I feel so honored, being passed the torch of awesome. I'll do my best!
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    They are beautiful. I'll make sure to use them. Arigatou!
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    Ah there it is! It's from the back of one of the doujinshi. Not sure which one but one of the anthologies. Makes sense really. Most Anthologies usually focus on Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Nami pairings. Sometimes Usopp too. Robin and Chopper usually get one story in them and it's with each other. Presumably to cover pairings for everyone.
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