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    Season 3 was just so...fillery and bland, it only happened a few months ago and for the life of me, I remember almost nothing about it. It just feels like nothing really happened in that arc. A lot of the episodes I rememeber were episodic, one off filler episodes that would barely pass as an anime filler episode with how pointless and lame they were. I don't think season 4 is especially bad (except for whenever Wu or Opal open their mouths). I think it's problem is it's just more of the same. It's really just season 3 again. More of the same. Fight a megalomaniac, Korra screws up, lots of unfunny comedy skits, lather rinse repeat. I give Korra credit for one thing. People get excited for female protagonists or female villains not defined by them being a woman. Korra has shown me that with even that, a character can suck and be boring. Now that's true equality (get it? pfft).
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    Season 2 for me is just...the worst. When Korra was trying to start a coup and steal a country's army and Mako was actually being sensible and reasonable on how it wasn't a good idea and either way he had a loyalty to his superiors and then she blows up on him like he's the crazy one. And then he has no other choice but to break up with her and she's like "You're breaking up with me!" like she hadn't been acting like a total insane bitch, hadn't been treating him like shit all this time, hadn't been unjustifiably chewing him out for her stupid decisons...and she has the temerity to be indignant about it...uggggghhh low low low point of the series.
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    So yeah, those are my thoughts, I really kinda hate this show. It's like it doesn't know if it's for kids or adults/teens so it just makes these boring, dreary Phantom of the Menace style stories with lots of talking and forces in these unfunny, lame comedy skits in a complete tonal shift to try to keep the kids interested. Also the characters are badly written for the most part, lots of talking not showing, weird, clunky, expositiony dialogue, unbelievable character friendships, terrible romance which the writers insist on shoving down our throats yadda yadda. I thought Avatar was so much better in balancing the tone, writing interesting stories, better characters. This show is just a former shell of its old glory. I don't know how much of it is Nick fucking with the team and how much it's the team but I don't think they're blameless either.

    So those are my two cents.
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    Season 4 has just been more of the same. Another blah, boring one note villain, no real sense of tension or stakes, Korra's character arc reset to zero for no real reason besides not knowing what else to do with her, Opal being the new season 2 Korra, fuck that C-word, Wu is eye crushingly awful and unfunny, jarring character arcs placed out of nowhere and resolved just as quickly just to give the characters something to do, Varrick is the one shining oasis in all of it.
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    Season 2: Worst season by far, awful writing, Korra at her most insufferable, she was so bad they had to give her amnesia to reset her character. Tarlokk 2.0 was boring, stupid Kaiju ending battle that was all style and no substance, how the fuck did Korra summon a giant blue giant? And that forced ending. "You know what, Unaloq was right so I'm just gonna make this decision for everyone out of nowhere without consulting anyone".

    Season 3: "What do you mean I have a responsibility to republic city for the magical vines, fuck that!"

    i guess technically the best one, Korra evolved from terrible to bland and boring, Zaheer and his army of badasses were fun but pretty one note at the end, disappointed that the whole theme of merging the spiritual world and real world and making them at peace was shafted for Airbender hunting, the whole Korra unsure about her place in the end was kinda shoehorned in out of nowhere just to give a sad ending to the series because drama wangst.
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    Yo dude, totally with you on Korra. I'm less forgiving on it actually, I really kinda hate it. i think it's at best, bland, poorly written and confused about who it's targeted to, and at worst makes me want to claw my eyes out bad. I'd chime in in the respective thread but I got banned from the Korra thread for calling her the C-word (which in season 2, she totally was). Here's a quick summary on my problems with the first three seasons summarized.

    Season 1: Lot of time wasted on bending dodgeball, love triangles, waste of a good villain, waste of the theme of benders vs non-benders by simplifying it to beating the bad guy, deus ex climax
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    Ah ok. This cleared some of my doubts. Thanks a bunch :)
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    Ahh i see. But why do Catalonia want independence? Can they survive on their own? One would think that El Clasico is sort of political-football battle between the two regions.
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    I am sure you've heard that Barca won't be able to compete in La Liga if Catalonia gets independence. Can you please give me some insight into this in Layman's terms?
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    Thank you, lee, for your post in the Magi thread. It gave me a huge smile, to tell the truth.
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