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    Thanks dude, always so thoughtful.
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    Thanks Captain Ugly!
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    Well as others said it's rarely ever black and white. Heck, while I've discarded a number of bad views myself there are still things I believe that is what was a part of me when I was on the other side. Another thing to is these days it seems people are made to feel that it doesn't matter what side they are on, and just want to give dubious reasons for what they do.

    As for the friend part, I just never had the feeling before that any poster here would consider me a friend. At best I thought people would find my posts interesting and at worse find me annoying (I have a bad habit of people complimenting me then I respond with flattery, but say I don't think I deserve. Always felt that got on people's nerves).
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    No problem asking, just not good at articulating something I have little knowledge about. I don't expect to go into Monkey King levels of discussing political/economical topics. Looking at the post that you were talking about, I'm guessing you hate the people taking advantage of the system, or more about your government as a whole? I know things have been getting crazy down there for you. Also glad to hear you consider me as a friend.
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    I'm not uncomfortable with the term black people, it's mainly been trying to trim these posts down to 1000 characters max. The main thing for me is I'm already in the dark when it comes to race stuff in the US, and how blacks and other minorities are affected with our system and what we need to do. Trying to give an opinion with a country I have no idea what is going on with their race issues is an impossible task for me, so I had to be general/vague. Unfortunately, even if they went with poor there would be people abusing the system. The main problem is saving seats for college doesn't deal with the bigger problem, just a symptom.

    As for the post, yeah I read about how trying to save someone from views one deems evil can be selfish. Was that conversation something that sparked you asking me this?
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    Not exactly. People will get frustrated because now their chances have gone down to ensure another group is catered to. It could be seen as racism in the fact that you are prioritizing one group over another to an extent, but there's no malice there. Inevitably some will use it as a way to say this is what's wrong with the community these days, but I think the big problem comes that government/educational entities are unable to get into the deeper problems and just want to do bare minimum to feel they are accomplishing something.
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    I don't know much about your education system, so I don't know how high prices are for going to college and all that. If it's like the states then it would be a bad idea, because these people can't afford an education and would get in a huge debt by loans. If they want to help get low income families or try to diversify their student body, then that's not a bad thing. The big problem comes down to the number, as that's almost half being reserved for a specific group, which makes it harder for others. A smaller number, around 10%, might be a bit more workable and not harm a significant number of people.

    A better thing would be to try and help people out of their current situation, or at least better it, and provide opportunities for people to possible get out. This is why you have a number of scholarships in the states specifically for certain groups, because they belong in a lower class and need help if they want to get that higher education more often than others.
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    At least for me, and I think there´s an Araki quote confirming it, the SBR universe isn´t the new universe created by MiH.
    Simply another universe in Araki´s multiverse scheme.

    So that I know of, MiH has no interference in SBR universe.
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    Yeah I think so. Only they will pass on to the other side, with memories from their past lives.
    That's why Irene was different from Jolyne.
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    Yo Cap.!
    Sorry for not replying sooner. I was extremelly busy this week and only came to AP for the mafia game.

    I would say that Donattelo´s Stand is more "controllable" than Blackmore´s.
    If I´m not mistaken, it had a relatively large area of effect (Almost the same size as the city of Orlando) and Donattelo could retrieve every event he wanted and that occurred inside that area.

    So while the area is limited, it is still plenty big, and considering every single action taken everyday by every single person, I would say that Donattelo has a very wide array of events which he can choose to use.
    Blackmoore is limited to the weather conditions. Without it he is powerless.
    Donattelo can use his stand whenever he wants.
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