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    There are some random things/people that you can interact with that can change each time you go through. Say first time you go through, you find a magic anvil (could be used to enchant equipment) or a FATE statue (it could either offer up gemstones OR summon up a boss to fight) or maybe the merchant of fish seller may be on they island but next time you go through none are there. Or perhaps first 3 times you go through the level there's nothing there, but then 4th time you may have one or all there.

    There also could be random pool of 'fish' at'. If there are, I suggest clearly the level of enemies first then fish since you can't have a weapon ready with fishing.

    It this variance that I like and willing to play it repeatedly. Usually I don't like playing adventure games multiple times. Same problem with most hidden objects. The match 3 and card games I don't mind replaying.
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    As for the dungeons in FATE, the floor stays the same for a limited time and the layout changes each time you play the game. I mean it would have one floorplan in each time you play it BUT say you kill every enemy and s\destroy every barrel/crate then go on to the nest floor, if you go back it would still be 'destroyed', but if you go a few more floors then have to backtrack the floor has 'reset'. It would still have the same floorplan as before but the enemies to kill (save for big boss) and things to destroy are back. This helps out in cases where, you've been killed and have to backtrack to get stronger, you can go through previous done floors to get experience to get stronger.
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    Yeah, I watch show series and documentaries (science & nature) on both YouTube and Netflix. for TV series, I like NICS and CSI. Back when I had cable (and thus TV in general - can't get reception w/o cable) I also watched Criminal Minds and Mythbusters. I'm currently back on my space craze and been watching a lot on that and natural science in general.

    I've a huge ass collection of playlists on YouTube too (same name there lol) of both music, AMVs and movie/documentaries. Hell of a lot on watch later list ... then there are the links I've saved on comp to 'check out later' but not added on any playlist.
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    About having to cut message into bits.... don't worry I've had to do the same... just for the answer on the games!

    House of 1000 doors .. now to describe it.... There are 3 games in the series. ah I'll leave to the pros=
    "Guide Kate Reed as she solves four mind-bending mysteries that take her to worlds she's never imagined in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets! When the dead cannot find release, the House of 1000 Doors serves as a portal that allows the living to help them. Communicate with spirits and meet the mysterious Lancasters family that resides within the spooky house in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!"

    You can check them out here=
    FATE (yes its on steam)
    House of 1000 doors (link is to steam... I think)
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    AS for the games=
    FATE is a role play, dungeon crawl type of game. But not one of the multiplayer types. There are 4 games in total to the FATE series..... and no I've not finished all of them lol Like most role plays, you can choose the gender and apppearnce of the avatar. First one is just 1 world (village base then dungeon), but in other games in series has you able to choose to go to a different 'realm' out of 2 or 3 choices, so makes it a bit longer than the first.
    You can choose the appearance of the character, default human in first game, in a few games that chances to add other races (elf, gnome, ect)
    You have a pet (cat or dog in 1st, then it could change to varoious choices later. You can also fish. Yes fish.. that is important! lol secret is that the fish is able to transform the pet into various forms with powers to help you fight. The fish could randomly have valuables in them that you can either equip or sell.
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    You know, I thought I've had read IT when I was a teen. I certainly watched the 2-part TV special. But recently watched a clip on YouTube that talked about the differences on the book and /'movie' and I did not remember some of the big differences.... and nope won't ruin it for you by say what it is! ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement for me to keep trying my hand at art.
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    Oh I forgot along with YouTube, I also play comp games. But remember I'm boring so its not MMO games ;)
    Instead I find like hidden objects, mahjong, match 3 and card games. Only few adventure & role play games like FATE (is both) and House of 1000 Doors (adventure/search)

    My time is spent between internet and WildTangent games.
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    Hobbies? I'm rather a boring and unskilled person. My best skill is watching music and hobbies on youtube LOL
    I'd like to draw. Keyword is the "I'd like to" .. except for the fact I can't draw.
    Yes I've gotten books on how to start. I've not cracked those open in 2 years lol.

    Seriously, though my biggest hobby is reading. I've not picked up a current book and are currently reading fanfiction. But I have the Dresden Files and a Sherlock Holmes collection waiting to be read.
    I've tried to crochet but haven't got the hang of it. I need to work on the tension since the rows come out uneven. I also do some digital coloring of manga scans ... and a few of adult (is in color books for grownups NOT the xxx type!) color books. Most of that can be found at D-Art (DeviantArt.com) I have the same screen name there. =https://katzztar.deviantart.com/
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    Not a problem! Thanks for extending the virtual hand in friendship ;)
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    Thank you for support, Ekila! :)
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