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    Yes, its 2B from that game.
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    I only know because of statements made by the developers lol. And also whether the music sounds chip tune-esque or not.

    I am reluctant to post smileys often on the forum, but I type them out when I talk to friends. XD

    It has that typical "I want to do something else besides my designated social role" story about a Meh Emoji not wanting to put on a Meh face.
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    16-bit is great. I can't wait for Sonic Mania to come out ten days from now. Even though that is 32-bit, which is an upgrade from the 16-bit originals. XD

    My introversion is probably partially linked to having mild autism.

    I figured that it represented eyes lol. Smileys are fun. Although they still don't justify the existence of the Emoji Movie. XD

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    I prefer 16-bit over 8-bit too lol.

    I am a very introverted person, so despite not wanting to be lonely, I can often be shy and distant when in crowds and only want to latch onto people I already know. I am sorry that being social drains you though. It can do the same for me sometimes.

    I'm sorry, but what does ^^ mean? I assume that is perhaps a nod of approval. XD

    It is definitely easier than real life. Just make sure not to use it as an excuse to try talking to somebody in real life who you might think is interesting.
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    I watched the The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets Go To Manhattan, and The Muppets 2011. I liked all of them, besides maybe Manhattan.

    Well, you can never type too much! ...Unless it gets in the way of personal priorities, but it's still nice to interact with people regardless lol.
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    Thank you! The comic book ideas I have are actually very inspired by One Piece, among other favorite genres/hobbies of mine.

    I love 8-bit and 16-bit graphical styles, and especially chip tune music. Approach it at your own pace, but don't become complacent either. The adventure will only start when you decide to start.

    I am very happy to hear that you get lots of support there. Those social events sound really cool. I hardly get out and meet people outside of school and especially in the summer, so I am almost a bit envious lol. Although I hope that isn't offensive to say since you check into CRRs for mental health rehabilitation, I'm only being honest since it's easy for me to feel lonely. XD

    Exactly. Random stuff. I try to expose myself to all sorts of media and real life sights that interest me for characters, settings, abilities, themes, etc
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    I don't play PC games, but that can be a good source of gaming for you once you get a laptop. And I hope that you are allowed a few hours of computer time per day, and that the overall living accommodations in a CRR are suitable for you.

    My favorite kinds of flowers are dahlias, roses and succulent plants. I don't admire flowers all that often at all, but I've thought about it. I think about a lot of random things to try finding aesthetic in life and gain fictional inspiration. XD

    I've heard of Muppet Babies, but I never watched it. I have watched some of the Muppet movies though, and I used to watch Baby Looney Tunes when I was a kid even though it seems like it's more for toddlers (I thought it was actually a decently entertaining cartoon with hijinks, humor, and morals lol).

    You have never typed up a private message that exceeded 1000 characters before? I have actually exceeded the 5000 character limit for privates messages several times. XD
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    My artist and I have always been planning to release them our comics as web comics lol. We would love getting published by an actual retail comic book company, but that's complicated for obvious reasons and takes a lot of years to rise up the ranks.

    Go as freaking high as you can go. You want to revolutionize the gaming industry? Do it, that is epic. I love seeing ambitious charisma out of people willing to achieve their dreams. I want to do the same for the comic book medium, and maybe even fiction as a whole. Just make sure to keep an open mind to constructive criticism while making sure to not let people push ignorantly push down your work when you know that you have faith in it. This might be necessary for a resume, but make sure that you also enjoy the journey to the destination. That is what makes the struggles you will endure feel as though they are worth it as you meet new people and keep exploring new forms of creativity you never even considered before.
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    Thank you sweetheart ^_^ that's kind of you to say!
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    I've been sleeping a lot too. And eating too little.

    I am going to college for a Communications major. Communications is fancy talk for classes relating to media. I want to take courses related to media literacy, screenwriting, creative writing, and Disney/film because I want to become write fiction. In fact, I want to write comic books. I have been planning a couple of series for the past few years and have been collaborating with an aspiring/talented artist I met on a PlayStation video game forum who has become my best friend.

    Sonic Mania is indeed a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Here is a trailer:


    Zinnia flowers look positively gorgeous. I hope it blooms soon. And I've never been to a Pagan festival. Or therapy either, although friends I have who also suffer from depression say I should attend.

    Ooh, clay structures! You sound like quite the versatile artist. I like clay sculptures, as well as claymation.
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