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    Thanks for the info, I'll definitely take that into consideration! Last Few Questions:

    You probably don't know this, but do you have any idea of how involved the Royal Dutch Navy is in preventing drug smuggling around the Antilles?

    To give you a little bit more clear insight, my character is assigned to the Dutch Caribbean because the drug-smuggling rings he's investigating belong to the Organized Crime group, No Limit Soldiers (who according to Wikipedia are involved in high-intensity drug trafficking operations into major Dutch cities, with manufacturing facilities in Curaçao and other Caribbean islands).

    If you're familiar with that group, does that sound like something the Dutch Royal Navy would definitely investigate/get involved in? If not, Who or Which Group would handle that kind of thing?
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    Hmm, that's a little troubling for me because it sounds like there's no *distinct* Anti-Drug agency in the Netherlands, just regular Dutch police cooperating with the DEA at times. Hmm.

    My character is a Dutch law enforcement agent that has been assigned to investigate a large and lucrative drug-smuggling rings originating in the Dutch Caribbean that are using unknown channels to bring their drugs into the Netherlands proper.

    So what would he be? What organization would he belong to? Would it be better to make him an American DEA agent who also has dual citizenship in the Netherlands? I kinda want to make him strictly a Dutch national, but he can't be both a Dutch national and an American national at the same time, and it sounds like making him a Dutch police officer wouldn't really fit, since that kind of heavy drug task-force stuff doesn't sound like something a *regular* Dutch police officer is trained/qualified to handle.

    What do you think? I'd like to hear your opinion.
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    Hey Kaiolino, while you're still online , I've been meaning to ask you a question and I was wondering if you could help me out.

    You're Dutch, right? Well, I'm writing a story for the Creative Writing thread, and one of the characters is Dutch and originally from the Netherlands. In the story he's part of a government law enforcement agency that is tasked with combating drug smuggling and drug use within the Dutch Caribbean. (Basically like an American DEA Agent).

    Now my question is, is there a Netherlands equivalent/counterpart version to the American DEA organization? Or if there isn't, what would be the closest government organization in charge of those kind of Anti-Drug operations? I tried searching on Google and Wikipedia, but couldn't find any conclusive results. :/

    Please let me know!
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    Happy Birthday, Kaiolino ! !
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    Yes and no lol. It explains the New York area both being totally cool with whatever, but also being business business business! The economic liberal stuff was the Puritans northeast of that. Basically take modern Third Way European stuff and throw on some GOOD WORKS TO GET TO HEAVEN/CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH/GREATER GOOD type mentality. But the Puritans were also intolerant fuckheads who liked killing Indians and Quakers and "witches", and that's where the Dutch "whatevers cool dude" thing came in and tamed that aspect oe'r the years. But yeah, Dutch influence is why NYC is all diverse and chill and bohemian and stuff.
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    lol you dudes founded our state capital, so much more Dutch influence around me than I thought
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    YOU WANT I SHOULD BREAK YER NOSE??? (thanks netherlands)
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    lol apparently some aspects of New York area American accents are because of Dutch influence way back then
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    Didn't want to post this in the DVD thread, but here's Robin's "I want to Live" english dub scene:

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    Happy new years dude. Hope this year is an awesome one for you. ;D
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