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    Seen you around star citizen areas too. Nice to see someone reasonable there.
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    haha, still thank you for your concern :)
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    Thanks for the links! :D much appreciated <3

    Huh? Who's concerned about me?
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    Ah, I see. Good to know it's a safe place. Makes great Internet jokes, though

    (I also have a Blue-Ringed Octopus in my signature, if you didn't know. Such a tiny-yet-deadly creature~!)

    And sorry to hear about your Prime Minister. I know having incompetence elected into any office can be aggravating.
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    I wonder just how much truth there is to that comic, lol.

    Living in Australia is like ultimate survival training.
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    lol, I thought of you when reading this comic
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    That's very nice of you to say :P

    Is Cymelion a hard k sound or like s? And and tell me more about yourself! :D
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    It's really sweet of you to carry that sentiment, actually. Er well the good side at least hahaha. Whenever I meet someone really good they usually already have good things happening to them? I guess it's cause if you're already living right and living well, you make things work for you in a way. Or people treat you better, I'm not sure. But whenever something good happens to me I feel compelled to pass it on. Like if I screw up and someone is really nice about it and forgives me, the next time someone screws me over I'll try to be nicer about it.

    But I'm also irritable so who knows.~

    Haha that's cool, I chose trappedolphin (purposely misspelled) for that reason too. It got too annoying trying out different configurations of names when signing up for things.
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    Awww. That means a lot and I appreciate it, thank you. :) I'm not into karma but I have been quite blessed :P

    By the way, does Cymelion mean anything?
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    I'm awkward with expressing thanks publicly so I just wanted to say thanks here for the compliment. You're a really nice person to talk to as well~ I notice you because you often have something interesting / sensible to say. :)
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Pell survived because he is a Falcon - Stop using him as a bad example.
The Peregrine Falcon reaches faster speeds than any other animal on the planet when performing the stoop,which involves soaring to a great height and then diving steeply at speeds of over 320 km/h (200 mph)


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