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    *The comedy in this manga is pretty good but definitely doesn't translate well in english.
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    Thanks for the response! The comedy in this manga is pretty good but it
    I was actually on Umibozu arc when i put the manga on hold few months back. I guess i'll read the manga from the beginning to start a full fresh read.
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    When did Gintama get interesting for you? Just like you, i tried two times but have trouble getting through some of the beginning stuff.
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    Egwene grows and changes a lot. Nynaeve, aside from the thing with Lan, is largely the same throughout. (Though obviously her role and situations change as it goes) But if you like her already, thats a good thing.
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    I didn't intend to post something that huge, it was much smaller when I grabbed it.

    And yeah, the first book is very LotR inspired. Jordan had troubles starting it up with his original plan (which would have involved Rand being a middle aged guy) but then took inspiration and it went off. And yes, the story branches out a lot from here... its the main reason the series runs so long, there end up being lots of different plot threads. It's actually pretty rare that the entire group is all in one place together after a while.

    Loial is great too, he's another fave, I'd forgotten he appeared in the first book. Morraine and Lan are good too, but they kind of start out knowing what the world is about and fully formed badasses, so they develop a little less over the course of it all. Nyaeve... always annoyed me, but I know a lot of people like her.
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    Its a natural enough pose... its just any other writer would have simply described it as "crossed her arms". The "beneath her breasts" is implied as the natural position for such things.
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    Please do keep count of that. I'd be pretty interested to see how many times it actually comes up in the course of 15 books. (Its probably fine to read the prequel when it was chronologically released, after book 10... all the characters and plot elements it takes for granted will be revealed by then.,, but at that point you'll be so close to the end you may want to save it for last?)

    I don't think they're going *beneath* their breasts so much as crossing their arms, which then happen to sit *near* the bottom... the author just describes it weird. And uses it so often it becomes a meme.

    Picked out any favorites yet? For me it was generally Matt, Perrin and Thom, though there's definitely more characters a-comin later.
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    If its any consolation, those are two newly awakened Forsaken without all their powers back, who are being extremely cocky... and comes from a point where the author was going to try to do the whole story in 3 books. They mostly got caught by surprise. The later ones play out a bit better with stronger schemes and better overall showings of power and devastation.

    There is death in the series, characters can and do die, but no, nowhere near GRRM levels.

    ANd yes, the finale is a little difficult to follow.

    ANd good on you calling Rand having the power. I didn't realize it my first time through though on my second the hints were all there and super blatant.
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    ... My posts are still better structured then yours are most of the time... and I still standby most of what I said it just wasn't appropriate at that particular moment... And I'm sure I'll find later moments to call you out on the things you say... You really don't ever learn from your mistakes do you?
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    I'm sorry that I bashed you. I realize now that it was wrong. I still think that the things I said about you had merit to them, and I do still have issues with the way you treat other people. But it was wrong of me to do that at that moment. I'm sorry, I made an ass of myself. I should've brought it up at a better point in time. I think I just... was ranting about Bakuman because as I was getting back into manga I decided I might as well finish off what was once of my favorite series, even if I had some major issues with it, so I decided to bring up my issues with you, and that was the completely wrong time. I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. I thought maybe it'd come off as funny and not too mean but... it obviously didn't. I fucked up, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
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