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    I'll admit Superman is a bit more straight forward than other characters in the DCAU so, yeah, it isn't quite as strong as Batman, Batman Beyond, or Justice League, but I love Superman TAS.

    I promise Superman gets some more personality later. Wait until Darkseid fully shows up.

    Also, if you're on episode 12, I think you've seen her.
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    Sorry for the late reply, busy busy busy!

    I really like Superman TAS, I think it's honestly the best adaptation of Superman in any media including movies and other TV shows. I don't think it's better than Justice League TAS or Batman TAS, but it stands up there with them.

    One huge thing it does well, is the power scaling. A LOT of people have a hard time scaling Superman's powers since, he's "Super"man so he has to feel Super, but on the other hand, you make him TOO powerful and it's hard to feel conflict in the story. TAS made him exactly the right power level to make that part engaging, so I think it's really good.

    Plus, bonus points for sneaking some diversity into the show with a Lesbian character.
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    Happy birthday ya rascal.
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    :/ I think I saw you around this forums..But I am not sure...anyway, Happy Birthday.
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    I hope you enjoy it. :) I always buy the downloads, I'm cheap and need to save storage space.
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    I love the Fifth Doctor Boxed Set...I would definitely recommend it. :) Even better if it's on sale.
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    I want to, not sure if I'll be able to tho.
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    Great to know you've moved on from there! I was partially a bit paranoid you'd be resentful about the whole situation but glad to know that is not the case at all!

    Yeah I've said a few stupid stuff on this board too (on the other side of the fence I might say - it was way too "SJW" if I had to characterise it in fact!), and yeah I do share the feeling of being unsure of how not to come off as over-defensive when reviewing past mistakes. Nobody likes admitting they screw up after all.

    No biggie on you and your GF's take on marriage/sex - I'm personally much more liberal on such matters but just like you I won't force it down other people's throat (not literally... lol)

    As for "proof" of you being more liberal - I remember you responding to Print Error in a Doctor Who thread about how you lamentably agreed that Steven Moffat's gender politics were unfortunate, no? They were indeed a far cry from the tone of your posts in that religion thread.
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    Apologies if this seems kind of dickish but my curiosity really gets the worse of me sometimes - do you regret that post you made about premarital sex back in I think one of the religion threads in General Discussion? I'm not using that as a mark against you, God knows I've had my share of idiotic statements I've made on the Internet - just more interested in wondering how, if it does, have an effect on you - you definitely seem more, um, liberal concerning feminist issued in your posts these days.
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