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    Whenever I have the mental health to actually voice train I've used TransVoiceLessons on YouTube as a starting base. I suck at it, though. LOL
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    Thankyou so much :3
    Sorry for late reply ><
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    Nope, actually had work that day. Celebration is on another day. ^^
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Actually my birthday was already over in my time zone at the time of your message in my time zone, but I had a good day. xD
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    What kinds of games do you play? I'll go ahead and warn you that I haven't played a AAA game (Outside a few Nintendo games) in like... six years. I mostly play indie games, and if I'm being totally transparent about 70% of those are queer VNs. Some of my favorite franchises that are actually popular are Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Dragon Age, and Fallout. Some of my favorite (non VN) games are Enter the Gungeon, Pyre, Celeste, Always Sometimes Monsters, Open Sorcery, Hades, Transistor, Stardew Valley, and Undertale. And my favorite game of all time is Paper Mario: TTYD.

    and if I do include VNs.... Heaven Will Be Mine, We Know the Devil, Ghosts of Miami, Hustle Cat, Soulset, Heart of the Woods, Her Tears were my Light, Dead Wishes, Ladykiller in a Bind, and A Summer's End
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    I'm really sorry about your living situation. I'm on the autism spectrum and I have ADHD so loud noises usually cause sensory overload for me. I know that doesn't compare to a PTSD trigger. but I can sympathize. I know when I deal with sensory overload I'm basically incapable of thinking. It's just a constant overwhelming state of anxiety until the stimuli goes away and afterwards the mental drain leaves me feeling exhausted. I hope you can find a new place soon.

    You're way way far ahead of me in the programming department! All of my programming knowledge just comes from looking at examples of other people's code in the language I'm working in and trying stuff until a thing happens.
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    It was good, thought the pilot was different from what I expected. (no Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, etc., with Leonard Nimoy as Spock being the only character who stayed the same between the pilot and the series)
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    As for right now my biggest interest is Blaseball..... which is honestly pretty hard to describe. It's like a baseball simulator in which you pick a favorite team and watch them play, but at the end of each season the team's fans get to vote on making various changes to the team in hopes of improving them. But it's also not like a baseball simulator in that it has players getting incinerated by umpires, hell, eldritch horrors, vengeful gods, necromancy, and a plot among other things. Currently I'm involved in a group that digs through the site's code and tries to figure out plot related mysteries and how certain game mechanics and stats work.

    What kind of hobbies do you have? ^-^
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    My hobbies are kinda all over the place! I'm an amateur artist and an amateur programmer.

    In a few weeks I'll be working with a couple of friends on a small unity game by making art assets. It's a bit of a personal project for them. The game was originally made as a class project and (in his own works) looked like hot garbage. They mostly want to try polishing it as a test run for making mobile games.
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    I'm MTF too! and I use she/her. Putting it in my sig is a great idea!!

    It also seems like a embarrassingly obvious solution in retrospect. Curse my brain for making me overthink everything.
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