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Arlong Park Rules

vBulletin CMS

The vBulletin CMS allows you and your users to create, edit and publish articles directly to your site. It combines a simple to use content manager with a unique organizational system that lets you control the smallest detail of the site from the number of sections, to the overall layout, to the placement of widgets and displays on each page.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Why can't I use * for my e-mail address?
- Because those e-mail addresses suck, we don't allow them, get a new e-mail address.

How come I can no longer see the spoiler section?
- As of 2010, the spoiler section is for registered (activated) members only. If you can post, you can see the spoiler section.

When do spoilers come out? Are they out now!?
- Read this thread for more info. If you cannot view this page, see the above Q/A.

For some reason I cannot create threads or vote on polls. Is there something wrong with my account?
- Due to a large volume of dupe accounts to sway polls, voting has been restricted from new members and guests. This applies to creating threads as well. These privileges are given to members on a case by case basis, revolving largely around activity and account age.

Why do some people have stars and different colored names?
- Colored names and their corresponding stars denote rank on the forums. The colors and ranks are as follows:
--- Grey; 6 Crimin Star: Forum Administrator - ???????
--- Green; 5 Crimin Star: Forum Moderator - You worship them.
--- Yellow; 4 Crimin Star: Section Moderator - If you see their name at the bottom of the section you are browsing, they can delete your user account.
--- Purple; 3 Crimin Star: Website Editor - Although the site is currently being redesigned, they work on and maintain the website.
--- Blue; 2 Crimin Star: Envoy - Our sources of information, be they translator, scanner, or spoiler provider.
--- Red; 1 Crimin Star: Senior - Members who have been around for a long time and/or earned the respect of the community and staff.

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