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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    So conflicted! Love Harrison Ford, love Chris Sanders, and that sounds like suitably stirring music, but I'm not huge on CGI critters

    thanks for the head's-up, tho, it is firmly on my radar
  2. Chris Sanders' first directed thing in a decade, Call of the Wild, coming in February. Live action rather than animated, but I am excited! Also has John Powell composing!
  3. Neat! Been way too busy to go out but I wanna try to see it soon.
  4. in an odd way, Spiderverse feels to me like the closest movie to HTTYD I've seen since, uh, HTTYD1 (and that counts the sequel!). It's a very weird comparison, but, well, think you're going to love the movie (if you haven't seen it already).
  5. Celebratory escape from the womb anniversary!
  6. OH NO


    It protected me in many a stupid comment.

    (but thanks!)
  7. Congrats on the senioring!
  8. "Don't try so hard" is officially the best Naruto/Bleach thread title.
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