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  1. Mystery message
  2. You may also want to migrate BB2 manually, for archive purposes. The notice appeared at the top of that game's site.
  3. I was looking into that, but I wouldn't want to risk those boards being converted even later in the game, too.
  4. I took a look at the thread in our community thread subforum and it seems like all the "s.15" servers have transformed into that tapatalk. But everything else is fine. You could use one of the older games as a surrogate if you can't find anything else.
  5. Nevermind, found the right one.
  6. The only thing I was able to find on Directv was the CBS HD channel, which I am apparently not subscribed to. Lol.
  7. CBS is a national channel lol
  8. I would, but I apparently don't have the channel.
  9. If you're interested, check out CBS right now for a double eviction episode of Big Brother. These are normally the most exciting :D
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