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  1. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  2. Oh yes! Laura looks to suit my playstyle well. Tho I secretly want Twelve. I know he's shit tier but he looks so cool!!!
  3. How nice !! So, any hype for Street Fighter V ? I miss Sagat :/
  4. My brother was in Melee competitive. He was one of the best in Florida for a while.
  5. Oh, I am a super fan of MvC (specially the 2nd), I used to play in the competitive scenario, good times.

    Also, I won this awesome T-shirt for christmas.
  6. Oh and Dead or Alive lol
  7. Street Fighter, MvC, Smash, Skullgirls , SoulCalibur and a little Guilty Gear
  8. So what games you like ? Street Fighter ? KOF ? Guilty Gear ? Super Smash ?
  9. To a degree yes. I'm not hardcore into them and I'm only marginally decent at them.
  10. So, do you like fighting games ?
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