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  1. Then she's doing the right thing!

    I'd love to see a full on doujin with these two; I think that the money would leave my wallet faster than it ever has before.
  2. I always figured Ahoge Girl makes Dark-Skin Girl work out to fulfill her fetishes.
  3. Well I for one don't ponder why Dark Skinned Girl is ripped; it's a necessity for constantly carrying around the weight of what she's got around front!

    Really though; it's the mark of a good artist when I can fall completely in love with an OC pairing without any dialogue at all.
  4. I completely agree. What 23 has managed to do with his illustrations is nothing short of phenomenal. There's such a clear idea of their story presented entirely without dialogue! I do wish he would name his girls, though...and do a comic. Hell, these girls are worthy of an animated series! I want to know how they refer to each other. Do they use 'anata'? What type of speech do they use? I bet Ahoge Girl uses more masculine speech. It matches her personality and creates a great contrast with her appearance. Dark-Skin Girl definitely uses softer, more formal and feminine speech. It's the sort of thing that would totally clash with her looks.

    I wonder what they do for work? Do they really fight evil, too? There's so much to ponder with these girls!
  5. I'm a fan of your avatar.

    Real 23's Art is fantastic; and so is his OC paring of "Dark Skinned Girl" and "Adhoge Girl".
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