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  1. Sorry dude.

    Was kinda sorta really beat though so not like I would have bee of much use XD
  2. You were up till half an hour ago and I missed it? Aw, man. :p
  3. Was hoping you'd have more to say than that. :p

    Also, leaving now and you'll probably be asleep when I get back so...goodnight? Goodbye at least.
  4. Pretty much, yeah.
  5. Figured you'd ask. In your message about the rather verbose explanation of what a word is.

    Also, are Mother and Punch Out the least obscure games you've finished in your epic journey?
  6. Down where ? :P
  7. As in, you didn't mean "In other news"? OK, then. ;B

    And what are you going about down there, anyway?

  8. Yes words Dan. A word is the smallest element that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content (with literal or practical meaning). :P
  9. "In other words?"

    And who is this Macho Man you speak of? Is it Randy Savage's long lost boxer brother?
  10. In other words I beat Punch out on the famicom.

    As in the Punch Out which didn't have Mike Tyson in it yet so it ends after you beat Super Macho Man.
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