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  1. Well....I'm not, nor is there any way for me to. :/
  2. Sorry, but I'm having too much fun. :3
  3. Was kinda hoping you'd join, since....this Dragon Ball stuff doesn't interest me in the least, and the rest of the forum is down for the day. :/
  4. A little.
  5. Guess you're too distracted right now to bother?
  6. Could you get on Skype, since...well, I have pretty much no use for the site today? :/
  7. Was hoping you wouldn't conform, but I just KNEW you wouldn't be able to resist~
  8. i can't be very long.
  9. Hey, could you get on Skype again? This might a rare chance for you talk with me AND Gust! O_o
  10. for a little bit, i guess.
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